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General - (fb2k) / Shaky/unsteady output playing DSD128 files with FB2k version 2.0 32 bit
Last post by JohnMarch -
 ::) I use an Acer 32-bit notebook with a 1TB SSD attached for playing all my Hi-Rez (PCM and DSD) files and it was only when I decided to check for Foobar2000 updates and found version 2 this evening, which I've subsequently installed, that I struck this problem. PCM files still play without an issue but my DSD128 files, which played just fine in version 1.6.13, now start off OK but soon become stuttery and slow down slightly. I've checked the DSD and SACD settings and they all seem to be pretty similar to the ones in the previous version, so I'm not sure what to do next. The latest version of Win10 32-bit (22H2) is installed on the notebook.  Many thanks for any help offered.
General - (fb2k) / Identify Songs in File Online
Last post by ApacheReal -
Is there a plugin in foobar2000 that identifies the song and author of an mp3 file cut in turn from a single mp3 track that contains several different untagged tracks?

I use this online service:

extremely accurate, but limited to the recognition of 10 traces per day.

This is useful for unique tracks found in services like mixcloud, soundcloud etc.
General - (fb2k) / Re: V2 & Android control app.
Last post by brad1138 -
Supported: x86 32-bit, x86 64-bit.

Download and install

Setting is the same as before.

Standard installation
- \AppData\Roaming\foobar2000-v2\foo_httpcontrol_data\foobar2000controller
Portable installation
- profile\foo_httpcontrol_data\foobar2000controller


Will the previous controller client side software I installed create any problems? Should I do a clean install of Foobar 2000 v2?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by Defender -
Code: [Select]
function on_playback_order_changed(new_index) {

Phew. Thank you. This one does the job. I thought I tried the window.Repaint() one, but obviously not.

Anyway, next step will be cleaning up this button and migration to JS3. This is my last JS2 one except for the Artwork panel. Tried JS3 but that one does not show which image it is showing on mousewheel (Front cover, Back Cover, Disc, Icon, Artist, Picture 1/5)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by Defender -
I added to my code:

function on_playback_order_changed(new_index) {
//   window.RepaintRect(0, 0, 26, 22);
//   panel.size();

Small improvement. If you go to the button (hover) it changes the image to the corrrect one. If you unhover the correct image is shown as well. Unfortunately you have to hover to get the correct PBO representation in the first place.

I really feel kind of stupid. I created some 475K of PSS code and 180K of ELP code and everything works exactly as I planned/programmed. Unfortunately PSS does not support dropdown menu's and rightclick on either textbuttons or imagebuttons.
I just don't have a clue how jscript works. All I did so far is based on reverse engineering (which drives me nuts).

What do I have to add to the jscript code to force an update upon changing the playbackorder (not only on hover)?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Components for Jplay Femto
Last post by w3explorer -

I'm new to JPlay Femto and haven't used Foobar2000 in quite a while.  I just installed FB2000 v2.0.

I have found a FB2k component for JPlay Femto playback.  But the issue is that the media library  is empty.  I can't see any artists or albums.  Am I missing a component?

Any help appreciated.