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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_run
Last post by ApacheReal -
How do I open files with different apps? Let's say Audacity.
I've been trying this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Audacity\audacity.exe" "%_path%"
Doesn't work. Nothing comes up.
The brackets need escaping like so:
Code: [Select]
"C:\Program Files '('x86')'\Audacity\audacity.exe" "%_path%"

To run audacity in 64 bit?

"C:\Program Files\Audacity\audacity.exe"--one-instance "%_path%"

it does not work

For MusicBrainz! Picard

so it goes

"C:\Program Files\MusicBrainz Picard\picard.exe"--one-instance "%_path%"

but I see the first trace

If interested for PotPlayerMini64

"C:\Program Files\DAUM\PotPlayer\PotPlayerMini64.exe"--one-instance "%_path%"

Album grouping pattern: %path_group%" %group_index%

upload all individual tracks

i use the plugin run service for group

General - (fb2k) / Re: Shaky/unsteady output playing DSD128 files with FB2k version 2.0 32 bit
Last post by anamorphic -
I decided to check for Foobar2000 updates and found version 2 this evening, which I've subsequently installed, that I struck this problem.

Did you install 2.0 over top of 1.6? If so maybe older components are interfering, what other components are installed? I would suggest, just as a test, make a fresh portable install of 2.0 into a new folder and just add the SACD component. Then try an output device with the [exclusive] label (WASAPI Exclusive) which plays native DSD fine for me, otherwise can try the ASIO output component mentioned above.
General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 v2.1 bugs
Last post by Case -
Hi guys. Listening to 44.1K x 16bit, switching to new music 96K x24bit range, strange noise comes along. It only ceases after closing Foobar2000 v. 2.1 release 05.06.2023 and opening it again. Thanks.
Thanks, that was the issue pawel_na_a was trying to report. Noises with exclusive mode + smooth fader when audio stream format changes.

Edit: things should be fixed in the preview released today.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Shaky/unsteady output playing DSD128 files with FB2k version 2.0 32 bit
Last post by Air KEN -
1set: DSD compatible DAC ASIO Driver + foo_input_sacd 1.5.x + ASIO+DSD support 0.3.x (foo_out_asio+dsd) Native playback

ASIO+DSD support (foo_out_asio+dsd) -

Super Audio CD Decoder
1.) Preferrences > Tools > SACD > Output (per device) > Type > DSD

ASIO+DSD support
2.) Preferences > Playback > Output: ASIO+DSD DAC ASIO Driver
for example
Output: ASIO+DSD: Denon XM ASIO Device

Do not use DSP (Active DSPs → None)

If you play with this and feel that the sound is small, please check 1.) again
Since it is a highly dependent Component, it is compatible with DAC (ASIO Driver, etc.)
DACs that is said to be compatible:
DENON, FiiO, RAL, iFi, TEAC, Audinst, xDuoo ...

DACs that are said to be incompatible:
foobar2000 mobile / Preview of foobar2000 mobile v1.4
Last post by Peter -
Currently available as standalone Android APK only:

foobar2000 mobile v1.4 build 749

Will be made available via Google Play beta soon.

Most notable changes:
  • Revised Android TV support. Defaults to dim screen with current system time and subtle now-playing-track info instead of glaring skinned playback controls that don't work with TV remote anyway.
  • REMOVED support for Android's sandboxed filesystem
  • Latest revision of HTTP & FTP code, improved use of persistent connections. I hope this addresses FTP server hammering issues some have been suffering from.
  • Added WebDAV share support in Media Library / Media Servers, add as http:// or https:// URL.
  • Codec tech updates.
  • Browsing by folder now lists archives & lets you browse their contents.
  • Lots of bugs fixed.

Details about Android filesystem changes
Support for Android sandboxed filesystem, also known as "Storage Access Framework", or "DocumentFile API", has been removed.
I'm sorry. Some will hate it. I also hate axing something I spent months working on. It's simply broken. It was responsible for fun issues such as "loading list of playlists takes over 10 seconds". I can't go around yelling at users to stop using it, because that's not how software is supposed to work.
Please either use "foobar2000 music folder", or give foobar2000 full disk access permissions if you wish to access normal SD card folders.
You might have to remove & re-add your music folders for new foobar2000 to pick them up.
Thanks for understanding.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Shaky/unsteady output playing DSD128 files with FB2k version 2.0 32 bit
Last post by Defender -
Well, I visited SourceForge and downloaded the latest version of foo_input_sacd (1.5.4), unzipped it to produce the component files for input_sacd and dsd_processor and updated the corresponding modules in the components section of fb2K from 1.1.5 for the processor to 1.2.1 and, as mentioned, input_sacd from 1.4.2 to 1.5.4. Both installed successfully. As soon as I played one of my DSD128 albums I knew the problem hadn't been solved. The data that moves along the bottom of the notebook screen when playing any files should be smooth in its motion, but this was jerky right from the start as it had been when the problem first began and the sound soon started resuming its stutter. Sorry, guys. I was obviously hoping for success, but thanks for your suggestion. The files I'm playing are native DSD files - all DSD 128 - downloaded from NativeDSD Music. Where to now, I wonder?

I downloaded some DSD128 files. Files play without stuttering and are received at my Marantz in 192kHz 24bit PCM as configured in foobar with output in exclusive mode. Marantz should be able to receive DSD as well, but I have no clue how to configure that.

Running the most current 2.1 preview,