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OK, loading up your converter config was an interesting experience.

How about just not showing saved presets in the right click menu when their amount exceeds 20 or so? Then you go straight to the properly scrollable view by using "..." command.

I'm also making other adjustments to make working with extremely long preset lists less tedious.
Anyway I actually think foobar's volume step setting should be like of this component cause this component has more accurate volume slider.
For example when slider is in the middle it actually sounds like half of maximum volume unlike foobar's slider.
* Version 3.4.1

  - Volume control now follows volume step setting of foobar2000.

Are you sure? To me it doesn't look it follows.
Opus / Re: Point of transparency of Opus 1.2
Last post by Funkstar De Luxe -
Actually, I believe I said that already in an other post but Chinese car stereos, mostly those cheap ones on ebay have a tendency to support open source codecs. Even though mine didn't advertise that it did, it supports APE, FLAC, OGG and OPUS. If you happen to own one of those I would suggest you to do a test. While on the outside some of them may look identical the internals might differ and they may support more or less codecs than the ones that they advertise.

I have owned two Chinese headunits (Android 4 + 5), and both were fucking horrendous. Constant issues with both software and hardware. Neither unit was what I would consider cheap, being around the £250 mark. The sounds quality was some of the worst I've eve heard (no, I didn't ABX).

The problem with using a non branded unit as suggested is that you get hardware which (in my opinion) has very little testing, and low test standards. The software is always junk. The reason good manufactures are limited to a small amount of formats is two reasons:

1) They are limited by available chips sets which are automotive grade. The Chinese ones tend just to use phone / tablet innards.
2) They need to limit the amount of support cost for the unit. I'd guess more formats means more customer support calls.

I've now moved to a Sony Apple Car Play unit now, which is of course, super limited in what it supports. But what it does, it does well.

Attached is a picture of the first Chinese unit I had. Looked ok, worked horribly.

Opus / Re: Point of transparency of Opus 1.2
Last post by OgGy -
Did some Foobar2k ABX testing using the "Bachpsichord" and "Applaud" samples:

Bachpsichord sample*
   Opus@64kbps          : Guessing Probability 0.0%
Applaud sample*
   Opus@64kbps, @96kbps : Guessing Probability 0.0%
   Vorbis@112kbps       : Guessing Probability 0.0%
   AAC-LC (fdkaac 0.6.2, libfdk-aac 3.4.12, VBR mode 4) : Guessing Probability 0.0%
*Test logs attached.

The artifact heard is noise like "a puff of steam" :

Is the issue with Block Switching (see link above and below) adressed in Opus or this artifact due to other issues ?
Block Switching Issue

I thought FDK AAC @145kbps would do better but the artefact is audibly similar but a bit less pronounced...
I already have that set up, I just wondered about fully automating it.
You could create an autoplaylist with the query pattern %replaygain_track_gain% MISSING to view all the files without Replay Gain information. See here for your preferred tag.
Audio Hardware / Re: EQing headphones
Last post by Benliq -
Check out the Android app Neutralizer. It helps you come up with a good eq curve for as many different headphones as you use it with.  It shows a FR curve of the resulting eq. You could port that back to some other system.

For a commercial option, there is which has the SRH-440 listed as a supported headphone.
Thanks, I'll look into these. So is EQ largely additive which means that these are pretty much setup-and-forget solutions? (this means it wouldn't cause audio artifacts with anything done in the track)
A good pair of headphones is probably "better" (flatter) than a pair of monitors, especially if the room isn't acoustically treated and measured/equalized.

This looks really flat.

From Recording Magazine:
Other than my headphones the only speakers I have are the downfiring ones on my Dell monitor.

Please don't use caps...... Your topic is no more important than any other topic here.
Also this is the wrong forum, use >,28.0.html

You could try to cleanup the Foobar settings folder in your profile. In most cases that fixes all problems because Foobar will run in default mode.

Have you also tried the settings > Reset All button?