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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: De-emphasis components
Last post by Rollin -
As postprocessor it works on files that have tag PRE_EMPHASIS or PRE-EMPHASIS with value "1", "on" or "yes" even if it is not in active DSP list. As DSP it works on ALL files if it is in active DSP list.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: De-emphasis components
Last post by mus1c1smyl1fe -
I am just interested in why Mudlord's plugin simply de-emphasises every PE-tagged file I play even when the plugin is NOT listed in "Active DSPs"
Because it is postprocessor, not just DSP. Did you read its description?
Performs RIAA CD/phono deemphasis eith as a decode postprocessor or selectable DSP.

Thanks! Yes, I read that. But I am pretty new to this kind of stuff, I wasn't sure what it means. Does it mean that as soon as the Plugin is installed, it will start de-emphasising every file that is played and has the PRE-EMPHASIS tag set to "1" or "yes"?

EDIT: But given that the description says EITHER postprocessor or selectable DSP, there should be a way to use it as DSP rather as postprocessor, no? I just didn't find out how I can do that.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: De-emphasis components
Last post by mus1c1smyl1fe -
use instead put your cd in. File, Open Audio Cd, it should find your drive, hit Rip, A dialog box comes up, you can use any of the databases for the track listing, now hit the button "Proceed to the converter set up dialog"
Now another box comes up, in the left box it has your saved presets, if any just delete them all, we'll start from scratch, on the right hand side you can choose output format, pick whatever suits you, now click on 'processing' another box appears, check the box in the upper left, now in the right hand box you will see a box filled with different filters and such, scroll till you find IIR Filter, highlight it and click the arrow so it goes into the Active DSP box, now highlight that and click on 'configure selected' there will be a dropbox, select 'CD-De-emphasis" click ok, now you can go 'Back' now you "Save' that preset, and it should show in the left hand box "Saved Presets", I just named mine 'pre' , now hit the 'convert' button, a file destination folder will pop up, so just direct it where you want the files (songs) to go. a 'converter' box will pop up adding the new EQ while it's ripping the disc :)
Now whenever you have another disc with pre, after you hit 'Rip' you now have a choice of using the preset

Wow, thank you very much for the detailed description, it is appreciated!

However, this is not exactly what I want. I have ripped multiple pre-emphasised discs with EAC, they are now put away in store; I have the FLAC files on my PC, and what I am looking for is a way of playing these files the way they are, with de-emphasis added on the fly. The tools discussed here are exactly what I need.

Anyway, I am just interested in why Mudlord's plugin simply de-emphasises every PE-tagged file I play even when the plugin is NOT listed in "Active DSPs"; and if there's any updates the the components shared in the first post of this thread.

P.s.: I just noticed that lvqcl's seems to have a weird bug: I played two FLAC files from two different folders, both have the PRE-EMPHASIS tag properly set to "1"; and lvqcl's DSP plugin is listed in "Active DSPs". Now, one file gets de-emphasised - and one doesn't! I experimented a bit and found out this: When I copied he file that didn't get de-emphasised to a different location on my hard drive with much less subdirectories and shorter folder names, it suddenly did get de-emphasised properly. I added both, the original file at the original location and the one I had moved to a different location, to the playlist, and indeed: 100% identical files sound differently because one does not get de-emphasised apparently because its file path is too long! I am just happy I figured this out quickly. Will re-organise my folders now in order to avoid long paths with too many letters.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: External Tags
Last post by Sergey77 -
sveakul: I attach local images to links that are on my computer.
When using External Tags, the steps is follows:
1. add a stream link to the playlist
2. right click on the link/Tagging/Wrap for External Tags (set in Context Menu)
3. right click on the link/Tagging/Edit External Tags
4. right click on the link/Tagging/Attach pictures/Front cover (when the warning window appears - click ok)
and choose a picture for the link. The picture will be displayed at field Artwork view.
General Audio / Re: Downsampling Vinyl-Rips to CD
Last post by Wombat -
The most recent compile is on the official site.
14.4.2 from 2015 is at the page you linked. There where changes since regarding DSD support, Ultra for resampling and maybe others in the 2017 compile i link above.

Edit: This is more a compile of the recent Fork done by Mans Rullgard
The same Rullgard does some things at and here
I did my own compile a while back and use it since without any problems.
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