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MP3 - General / Re: Lame 3.99.5 Intel Lib Compile
Last post by phanton29 -

  That would be really great! Many thanks!

  Just remember that what I need is the lame_enc.dll with the same symbols of your libmp3lame.dll; for the 2 settings...

  best regards,

General Audio / Re: The difference between Windows and Linux
Last post by Telepath -
Thanks for all the clarifications. I just placebo heared, that with a latence modified arch linux kernel, deadbeef audio player and a good lossless material, the sound quality is better than on Windows.
Windows 7 has a "not so good" audio mixer, of course its possible to bypass, but Idk, I am not satisfied with the out of the box sound on Windows.
Windows 10 is a whole different thing, but when it comes to audio I thought linux would be better.

Thanks for your engagement and clarifications.
MP3 - General / Re: Lame 3.99.5 Intel Lib Compile
Last post by phanton29 -

  Indeed, I have been verifying and my cpu does not have the sse1 registers... so, if someone compiles the version 3.99.5 for me, I will have to ask to not include the sse1 registers.

  best regards,

MP3 - General / Re: Lame 3.99.5 Intel Lib Compile
Last post by phanton29 -
Hi all,

  I am using the libmp3lame.dll version 3.99.5 available at rarewares in all my systems but my old laptop with windows xp and without sse2 registers.

  In order to use the programs I created in this laptop I had to download the lame_enc.dll version 3.99.3 from the Buanco site (has the same symbols than the one from rarewares).

  So, now, at runtime I have to decide which of the 2 dlls to use.

  I am not worried with deciding which dll to use at runtime, but I am worried with using different versions of LAME.

  Is there a chance that someone can compile the version 3.99.5 with an old compiler that does not require sse2 and can be used in windows xp ?

  I have also downloaded the version 3.100 from Buanzo's site but I couls not use it in any of my 2 computers, probably because it even requires more recent registers. Is there a chance that someone compiles it for the following 2 configs: 1) the same config as the dll from rarewares; and 2) a config where sse2 registers are not available ?

  If no one can compile the 3.100 version as requested, it would be great if, at least, someone compiled the version 3.99.5 for a setting where sse2 registers are not required....

  best regards,
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Song starts on first click. Help please
Last post by testpilot -
any news on this topic? I've got the same problem. I wish to have an option/ a plugin that prevents me from switching to another title by doubleclick on playlist member. (Because sometimes my finger is doing things  8) )

I'm using foobar 1.4.1, ColumsUI, Affix-Silence, BPM Analyzer, Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer, Now Playing Simple, Playback Statistics, Playlist Attributes, Scheduler, Skip Silence, WASAPI Output and some visual enhancements ...

btw - I'm also using foobar for DJing at Tango-events .....

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: External Tags
Last post by Anakunda -
I'm testing ET 1.0.7 now and the previously reported bug is gone. However not fully stable yet, external tags from CUE playlist not all transfer to output files on conversion (all ext. tags are used for filename scheme during conversion). Just the metadata transfer fails case by case.
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