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General - (fb2k) / Re: ReplayGain & Shuffle
Last post by yetanotherid -
I dunno.... I got the impression he only Album scanned everything as he only mentioned an Album scan. Not that it matters if he also ran a Track scan. I guess we'll find out if he returns.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by dwmartin0906 -
Thank you for your quick reply.  I just enlarged the more items button to make it easier to scroll over so that issue is solved.  And changing the cover cycle option to display only the front cover solved my other issue.  It now works perfectly based on my personal preferences.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by mjm716 -
[Artist] Folder. This is where artist images are saved, and so it was logical to name the choice as "Cycle".

The labelling was confusing to me - "Cycle" seemed to imply that it is only cycling through online LFM images.
I thought the other option "Artist" meant artist folder. Maybe simply Cycle on/off

I'm guessing it looks in FB display prefs for artist image location?

btw, thanks much for the 'Open Containing Folder' option :)
General - (fb2k) / Re: ReplayGain & Shuffle
Last post by garym -
I believe he did run a RG track scan (to add TRACK RG tag values).  Then in foobar2000, he's using playback settings of "track". (from his picture).   (running the scan for albums(by tags) only matters to the extent he is also adding ALBUM RG tags at the same time (as these would differ by album). 
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by WilB -
Adding cycling of images for the current album (front, back, disc, etc) was added at the request of another user. But it means that there are now two possible things to cycle through and a choice had to be made over how the mouse wheel operates, i.e. either cycling through images of the current album OR cycling through the different albums. It is set to do the former while the mouse pointer is over the image and latter while the mouse pointer is over the "More Items Button". It was done this way for consistency with how the bio view and similar artists work.

The "More Items Menu" drop down menu does clarify: "Manual Cycle: Wheel Over Button". I hope I have understood you correctly and that you will get used to this small adjustment.

Regarding artist images showing in album mode. Please note the following. Cycling of images for the current album only happens if "Sources > Cover" is set to cycle mode. If set to cycle from a folder then yes extra images are included. I set it to load the artist images by default because I like the ability to cycle through the cover and artist images, but you can use your own folder. You can also use foobar2000 sources for front, back, disc, etc, or both together. Set "Sources > Cover" to front to just have the front cover.

General - (fb2k) / Re: ReplayGain & Shuffle
Last post by yetanotherid -
I'd run a Track Gain scan rather than an Album Gain scan. Album Gain is designed to adjust every track of an album by the same amount so their relative volumes don't change. The Album will be adjusted to the target volume as a whole, as though it's a single audio file. Therefore if you scan your whole playlist that way....
Track Gain adjusts the individual files to the same target volume on playback. Track and Album Gain are two separate scans. You can't (for example) select "Track" as the method for adjusting the volume if you've only run an Album Gain scan.

There's no reason why you can't keep the existing info, but I'd be using the ReplayGain right click menu to remove all the existing ReplayGain information, and then run a fresh Track Gain scan on all your files.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Dual Playlist view?
Last post by yetanotherid -
What about running two instances of fb2k? If you run the installer a second time and install fb2k as a portable version, you can run the "installed" fb2k and "portable" fb2k at the same time.
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