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Ugh. There were a couple line-breaks which shouldn't have been there in the text I copied from the pdf that broke stuff...
It seems okay now. (It got louder, and a couple of channels might have been missing too. )
MP3 - General / Re: Lame 3.100 has been released
Last post by eahm -
john33, perfect thanks, let me know when and I'll test right away.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_wave_seekbar
Last post by Wemppu -
Hi, just found foobar 200 and this extension since I have been lacking visual to levels of volume.
Background: I am playing music often in figure skating and gymnastic teams contest. OK, playing also in hockey games, but those are always loud and high :) ... no need for visual there.

So I finally can see clear prepared playlist and visual if music is starting in low volume in start or so, BUT my problem is that Wave Seekbar is showing wave AFTER i start actual playing.  Therefore I am missing very start of levels.

Is there any way to set waveform to be displayed when track is selected in playlist?
Before track is actually started.

Sorry if this was answered in this thread already, but there was 84 pages to read ...

Opus / Re: Opus 1.2 Beta
Last post by soundping -
13 days ago    Jean-Marc Valin    Fix entropy coder doc;a=summary
I have done that already some time ago.
Here is a link to my OneDrive folder:!AnbO8YLUAW6Jh1XaISDxGiV5Mlym
There are some impulse responses included that can be used with EQ-APO.  I have written a short manual for the correct setup. That is also included.
Thanks, I had a look. But I'm confused by the need for additional software.

If I extract the files in the appropriate folder and use this (based on the help file) do I get what I supposed to, by commenting/uncommenting the convolution lines?

They sound about right to me. The sounds have a spatial effect it seems.

#Common preamp
Preamp: 8 dB
#  L=Left ; R=Right C=Center; SUB=LFE; SL=Left Surround; RL=Rigth Surround, RL=Rear Left;
RR=Rear Right
#Create virtual speaker channels
    Copy: L0=L R1=L  L1=R  R0=R C1=C C2=C SUB0=SUB SUB1=SUB SL0=SL SR1=SL SL1=SR
#Mute Input Channels
    Copy: L=0 R=0 C=0 SUB=0 RL=0 RR=0 SL=0 SR=0
#virtual channels that are filtered
     Channel: L0 R1 L1 R0   SL0 SR1 RL0 RR1 C1 C2 SUB0 SUB1 SL0 SR1  SL1 SR0 RL0 RR1 RL1
#Folder of Convolution files complete folder name  or if files in config "\...."
Convolution: convolution\BRIRs\CR7_KU_ROTM_(L_R_C_LFE_LS_RS_LB_RB).wav
# Convolution: convolution\BRIRs\CR1_KU_ROTM_(L_R_C_LFE_LS_RS_LB_RB).wav
# Convolution: convolution\BRIRs\SBS_(L_R_C_LFE_LS_RS_LB_RB).wav
# Convolution: convolution\BRIRs\BBC_(L_R_C_LFE_LS_RS_LB_RB).wav
# Convolution: convolution\BRIRs\SSR_HRIR_CIRC360_NF150_(L_R_C_LFE_LS_RS_LB_RB).wav
# Convolution: convolution\BRIRs\SSR_HRIR_CIRC360_NF100_(L_R_C_LFE_LS_RS_LB_RB).wav
# Convolution: convolution\BRIRs\SSR_HRIR_CIRC360_NF075_(L_R_C_LFE_LS_RS_LB_RB).wav
# Convolution: convolution\BRIRs\SSR_HRIR_CIRC360_NF050_(L_R_C_LFE_LS_RS_LB_RB).wav
# Convolution: convolution\BRIRs\SSR_HRIR_CIRC360_NF025_(L_R_C_LFE_LS_RS_LB_RB).wav
# Convolution: convolution\BRIRs\BBCRD_(L_R_C_LFE_LS_RS_LB_RB).wav
 # Copy the virtual speaker channels to Left & Right Headphone Channel
Copy: L=L0+L1+C1+SL0+SL1+RL0+RL1   R=R1+R0+C2+SR1+SR0+RR1+RR0

Can you explain the filenames? (I suppose the ones with NF are the near-field ones, but even this is a guess, and what's the 025-150 number) Which is the closest to the standardized room for 5.1-7.1 speaker setups?

Is this pack superset of the old pack, but this time with separate headphone filters? (I never understood why the files were headphone specific, now I'm starting to suspect.)

I get a pretty annoying crackle when I start or stop playing anything. In foobar, my video player, browser, whatever. It's already going on my nerves....
What might be wrong?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: R2YS a script for reddit
Last post by kgena_ua -
great job
General Audio / Re: Spek Questions
Last post by bennetng -
If both files are ripped by you and using the same ripping software/settings, there is nothing to worry about. The same song on different albums or compilations could be processed differently during mastering. For example, different dither types could be the answer of your question. Take a look at this nice article:

On the other hand, if one of the files is purchased online, you should pay attention to the potential watermark issue.,111198.0.html
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Problem streaming radio
Last post by Zazie -
I don't have problem with Winamp or Rarmaradio. The problem is only with Foobar2000 with ALL radio and updating check!
Sounds promising. I will check it later.
FhG FDK AAC encoder library 3.4.22p3
"p" version stands for modified by Poikosoft audio laboratories.
Modifications to the original encoder are the following:
· Tuned bandwidths for better audio quality
· Uses the highest quality options available in the original codec for better audio quality
· Double-precision algorithms for better audio quality
· Uses high precision math functions rather than precalculated tables for better audio quality
· Modified VBR tables for more VBR encoding modes
· Improved x64 performance by using faster math functions
· Uses MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AVX, and AVX2 multimedia instructions whenever there is a performance benefit

Speaking as someone who uses this software, I'm really impressed with the results I get with Poikosoft's FHG encoder; encoding from FLAC to VBR AAC @ Q3 (120-190kb) gives me some great, transparent results.