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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_onewaysync
Last post by Anakunda -
Is this plugin only supporting wired sync? I expected it also supports wire-less protocols (ftp or smb would come handy)

I'm using sharing PC library with portable in three steps - 1) conversion from lossless source to Opus via fixed converter profile to local folder 2) embedding cover within foobar and removing padding 3) send to device via Beyond Compare remote folder sync profile.
This workaround is already rather straightforward and quick, can OneWaySync furthermore improve/consolidate the process?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by zeremy -
A very minor release...

Code: [Select]
- ADD: Component now reports version on script error.
- FIX: JSplaylist/JS Smooth playlist have been unable to tag files since v1.3.0
       when foo_playcount was missing.

I guess anyone using ratings in JSplaylist/JS Smooth playlist must be using foo_playcount because no one has reported the file tagging feature being broken.

Actually it sort of was reported,110516.msg945862.html#msg945862 , but I guess he is on your ignore list .. ;)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by zeremy -
Simple js test panel
I am wondering about that already quite some time:
%length% works for opus and vorbis, but not for aac. Any reason? Any workaround?

Use %_length%
Probably went out of business because no one in their right mind wanted his stupid junk other than the idiots with the money to waste on it.
Atma-Sphere is out of business? His website doesn't suggest that, though.

I quite like the retro design of the MA-2 and MA-3 amps, especially the old-style VU meters. Makes me wanna get a bunch and use them for a small module that displays CPU load or something.
FLAC / Re: script to update all music library to 1.3.2
Last post by polemon -
Is it actually worth bothering reconverting to a newer FLAC version?

I'd assume the compression might be a little better in the newer versions, but anything else than that?
Alternatively you can use Ferocious resampler for downsampling

I do not comment on sound quality, but I used these parameters with great results

-r 44100 -b 16 --dither --mt --doubleprecision    (no aliasing)


-r 44100 -b 16 --dither --mt --doubleprecision --lpf-cutoff 92 --lpf-transition 9                 (slight aliasing)

It guards against clipping by default (unless explicitly switched off).

If you want to downsample to 48000 Hz, just change the -r parameter.

Oops! Sorry, haven't send mail to me any longer from Unknown days.
I haven't noticed for your message.

foo_video is very picky at file extensions.
Yes, Because...
Code: [Select]
std::vector<const char*> extensionsList{".mp4", ".mkv", ".avi", ".mpg", ".flv"};
My skill was very poor at the days.
foo_video is first C++ programing to me.
Someday, I must change this code.
Chimera(foo_video) Ver.

[change] When Loading Videos, Sync foobar2000's Audio.


I've seen his preamps go for ca. $500 as used gear. Not really good residual value...

I wouldn't even bother to use his preamps if they were free.  From the manual it looks like pure junk that doesn't last long.  I've left computers on 24/7 for years and only needed to replace fans or drives after a couple of years.  For something that's supposed to amplify sound it certainly doesn't last that long considering you have no moving parts other than a simple fan in some amplifiers.

If I can get something off ebay that still works 20 or 30 years after it was made or needs new capacitors to last another 20 or 30 years then that's fine to me.  Having to replace parts every 5 months is wasteful and makes me think that the product Atamsphere was selling is an unreliable piece of junk.  A product shouldn't need to be repaired every 5 months to continue working properly.  Probably went out of business because no one in their right mind wanted his stupid junk other than the idiots with the money to waste on it.