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possible bug android: songs looping when streaming via uPnP

I am encountering a strange bug when playing music via uPnP (using foobar2000 on PC as the host): as I keep playing, songs will start repeating, basically they won't finish playing and start over partway through, but eventually they will finish (so a 4 minute track might play for 6 minutes instead). It's hard to track down when this happens exactly, because it doesn't happen right away and seems to happen with longer songs. I'll update this post if I can figure out more detailed information but I just wanted to report it for now.

Re: possible bug android: songs looping when streaming via uPnP

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bumping this to say it's happening with any song over a certain length (i think it's something like 5 minutes).

(EDIT: actually that doesn't seem to be predictable either, as a pretty short song just reset as well. ill keep observing for this bug...)

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