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Thanks, I'll give that a try.
If we forget about playing through the Chromecast which phone apps can I use to just play my media server files on my phone?
Hi guys. I the output sample rate is 192000 and the settings I use is soxr-mq in Pulseaudio. That is all the information I can give you about the settings, unfortunately. The artifacts are subtle but occur with high frequency sounds like hi-hats and other cymbals.
Does the output of
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pulseaudio --dump-resample-methods
include soxr-mq?  If not then PA will ignore the request to use it and use a low-quality default resampler instead.

Are you using ubuntu (or similar)? If so, there is a bug here, requesting that this should be fixed:
General - (fb2k) / Re: Literal double quotes in query syntax
Last post by Porcus -
Interesting what hits I get if I follow my own tip up there ... of course, precisely the query I entered, returned the right hits :-/   But
' "A" Train'
does not return any Take the "A" Train. Why it returns the track it does return, beats me.
This works:
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"$if($strstr(%artist%,$char(34)),1,0)" IS 1

Check out reference-audio-analyzer which has predicted frequency response change for a given headphone / source impedance:

So in this case for 20 ohms source impedance, you're looking at +1.5dB at 100Hz, and +1dB at 10kHz and above.

Cooooooool, that is a handy tool. Thanks.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Literal double quotes in query syntax
Last post by Daeron -
This works:
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"$if($strstr(%artist%,$char(34)),1,0)" IS 1
Support - (fb2k) / How to assign ESC for a keyboard shotcut?
Last post by s1y -
When I try to assign ESC, the preferences window closes. One can only assign modified shortcuts, like Shift-Esc, etc.
Does it allow WASAPI or ASIO output (i.e., bit-perfect data streaming)?

NM, I see it on the features page

Multi-channel 1/3-octave EQ
Multi-channel reverb
Headphone crossfeed
Gapless playback
True FLAC embedded cuesheet play
ReplayGain/Soundcheck handling, On-the-fly RGCalc
Create 2.1/5.1 to 4.4 from 2-ch stereo
WASAPI audio
Direct2D graph
I've sent you a PM about this file, Peter.
General Audio / Re: Merge two audio files (ADX extension)
Last post by DVDdoug -
I'll surely pay attention to clipping now, it doesn't seem to be present but it's good to know what might be a potential problem.
I just remembered something...   Audacity doesn't mix 'till you export.   If you re-import the file and it's hitting 0dB* it's probably clipped.

There are a couple of ways to handle this.   You can export to 32-bit floating point, re-import and normalize.   Or, reduce the volume of both tracks by -6dB before mixing/exporting.   (The -6dB may leave you with some headroom.)

If I were to convert it in ADX again, wouldn't a lossy to lossless to lossy conversion lose more quality?
Yes.  Plus, it's an odd-ball format.   I wouldn't recommend using it unless you needed it so you can use the new file in the game.

* You can check the peak level in Audacity by running the Amplify effect (and you can cancel before applying the effect if you wish).     Amplify will pre-scan the file and default to whatever gain change is needed for normalized/maximized 0dB peaks.   For example, if it defaults to +2dB, your peaks are now -2dB (you have 2dB of headroom).   If it defaults to -2dB, your peaks are +2dB and a regular (integer) WAV file will clip.   If it defaults to 0dB (no change) then your peaks are exactly 0dB which means the file was previously normalized or clipped.