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Hi !

I mean, I have some tracks, and because I have convert tracks from mp3 to wma. And when I want to play it, I have some error message.
I want to remove all tracks which have change the extension automatically and I want to replace the wma track who have the same name except the extension. You understand me ?

And all new tracks or extension changed tracks are in the same folder, the tracks substitute others.

Thx ahead !  :D

(sorry for my english, I don't practice verry much so I lose some words...)
eldarien, now it works, thanks. But there's a nuance - i've delete deskband.json (or smth like this) in c:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\DeskbandControls\ and after that everything starts to work normally. Deleting foobar with deskband folder didnt help at all (i'm using portable installation).
So great job, mate. Thanks for your help and for your awesome plugin! I've been searching for something like this for so long.
Greetings from Russia, by the way. Привет из России!
Ok thank you very much I'm stupid, i've been don't seen (sorry i'm sure it's not right what I'm said)... Date it's ok.

dhromed, have a nice day !
Foobar is only in English, I'm afraid. :(

The Date field is already built-in, just right-click on the column headers of ethe playlist and select Columns > Date

If you hold Shift and click the File menu, you'll get "Browse Configuration Folder". That folder contains your entire config, and you can back it up whenever you like.
Hi OnToshCORE!
Do you have a very large playlist in your player by any chance? I need more details of your setup to be able to reproduce.
Also, try to delete configuration located at %AppData%\DeskbandControls and see if that helps.
General A/V / Swarm Recording
Last post by Arnold B. Krueger -
Swarm Recording

 Ever hear of this?

Swarm Recording - the process of using a number of synchronized cameras and/or microphones to record an event. Nothing to do with bees, except of course if they are a logical part of the event. ;-)

For example,  the better modern cell phones contain pretty fair still/video cameras and microphones. The microphones may be  more limited, but high quality bypasses of them are possible.

AFAIK if the cell phones are all on the cell system, or running off of a common WiFi Hotspot, they are automatically time synchronized with each other. Precisely!

Basically you have a bunch of cell phones that are each pointed at one of the various people that are involved in an event, or at least the most important ones or at least the overall event from as many angles as desired or possible. You set them up to record video as desired and press the start buttons. You run the event.  When the event is over, you download all the videos and/or audio tracks and edit them into a usual multi-camera and/or multiple microphone recording.

The way this is economical is that you can now get really pretty good used cell phones for about $100 each. Not a bad price for a mic and a video camera.  If you synchronize them to a WiFi Hotspot they don't need SIM cards. BTW, VOIP still works on them, even without SIM cards. They work like small WiFi Android tablets. In terms of local storage, they can be expanded up to the uSD capacity of the phone, which may be 128 GB.
Nobody (no one) ???

No one who understand the french ?
foobar2000 it's not langage in french ?


how to backup settings on foobar2000 if I change my personal computer ?

Thx !!
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_dsp_effect
Last post by mudlord -
Willing to try 90%?

It seems the rubberband library has a bug when doing a 100% increase in tempo, but not 90%. Weirdly, slowing down by 100% is fine.
By MathWorks: ( )

"These coefficients are recomputed for nonstandard sample rates using the algorithm
described in Mansbridge, Stuart, Saoirse Finn, and Joshua D. Reiss. "Implementation
and Evaluation of Autonomous Multi-track Fader Control
." Paper presented at the
132nd Audio Engineering Society Convention, Budapest, Hungary, 2012.
(AES Convention Paper 8588)

Looks like the original coefficients are calculated using:

Code: [Select]
% ITU-R BS1770-4 --------------------------------------
fs = 48000;

db = 3.999843853973347;
f0 = 1681.974450955533;
Q  = 0.7071752369554196;
K  = tan(pi * f0 / fs);
Vh = power(10.0, db / 20.0);
Vb = power(Vh, 0.4996667741545416);
pa0 = 1.0;
a0 =      1.0 + K / Q + K * K
pb0 =     (Vh + Vb * K / Q + K * K) / a0
pb1 =           2.0 * (K * K -  Vh) / a0
pb2 =     (Vh - Vb * K / Q + K * K) / a0
pa1 =           2.0 * (K * K - 1.0) / a0
pa2 =         (1.0 - K / Q + K * K) / a0

f0 = 38.13547087602444;
Q  =  0.5003270373238773;
K  = tan(pi * f0 / fs);
rb0 = 1.0
rb1 = -2.0
rb2 = 1.0
ra0 = 1.0
ra1 = 2.0 * (K * K - 1.0) / (1.0 + K / Q + K * K)
ra2 = (1.0 - K / Q + K * K) / (1.0 + K / Q + K * K)
% ------------------------------------------------------

Could this same code be used to calculate coefficients for other samplerates by just changing the vlue of parameter fs[/]?
Hi everyone. I have some issues with this awesome plugin. After first installing (ver3.2.0) everything works fine. But after reinstalling Windows (full and clean reinstall) and updating plugin to ver3.3.1 the plugin don't work fine. It appears on my taskbar, but everytime i want to switch track (for example) it kind of freezes cursor, sometimes it crashes explorer.exe and i can't get to plugin' settings - the pop-up window appears but everything freezes and pressing the settings leads to explorer.exe to crash.
OS: Windows 10 x64 ver1703 (build 15063.296). No insider preview.
Sorry for my bad english - it's not my native language:3