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Editing M3U files?
Is there a way to edit a M3U playlist file manually? If not, any suggestions on how to edit/change it?

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Editing M3U files?
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Yeah, open it in Notepad.

Editing M3U files?
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Okay I opened up a M3U playlist in notepad and got the layout order. I'm not sure though what to put for the #EXTINF if I add another track manually. If the song used to be part of the original track, would I just create a new line and then use the same #EXTINF or what?

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Editing M3U files?
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I'm not sure though what to put for the #EXTINF

You don't even need those #EXTINF. 

Simply pointing to the location such as this will work wonderfully:
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MP3s\Some Artist\2007 - Some Album\01-Some_Artist-Some_Track.mp3
MP3s\Some Artist\2007 - Some Album\02-Some_Artist-Some_Track.mp3

Editing M3U files?
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But I need #EXTINF because I am using a NAS on my apple TV

Is there any way to get foobar saving an m3u playlist with this extra info?
Currently I save my playlists with foobar, open them in WinAmp and save them again. I would like ti get rid of WinAmp

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Re: Editing M3U files?
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Topic is quite old, but I hope in help.
Is there automatic way to remove path from m3u playlist and keep filename only?
Delete red and keep green.
I tried notepad++ however I did not find function like this.
Manually editing holds for long time, automatic process would be welcomed.

Thanks in advance

Re: Editing M3U files?
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notepad++ would work. Open the replace dialog, enable regular expressions (under 'search mode', bottom left) and replace this:
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with nothing.

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Re: Editing M3U files?
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You helped me a lot.
Many thanks for this.