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Welcome to room sound. You moved your speakers, now you have new "standing waves". For starters, you should read up about "room modes" and "standing waves".

If you want to go a bit further, read Floyd Tooles book:   Sound Reproduction: The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms (Audio Engineering Society Presents) 

I do like your 3 spikes idea - won't help with your problems of course, but the "self leveling" is a cool idea. Makes for tippy speakers if someone bumps into them.
If changing the language code to 'eng' is all it needed, well that's one of the changes 3.100 will have out of the box.
Go to Preferences/File/Add Location/

and write something like:      spotify:album:401DhjeJg1yVIfBN2A55JY

where 401DhjeJg1yVIfBN2A55JY is the album code. To get the album codes I open Spotify Web Player. You need a premium account.

It works fine.

General Audio / Re: Diagnosing Preamp Turn-on Thump
Last post by dhromed -
15 seconds sounds like an extremely long time though. My amp only takes ~3 seconds to click on after I press the power button. Maybe it's a typo and should read 1.5 seconds?
That might be a possibility too. I'd expect for someone to at least know what tags are.
Frankly, from the original posting (what you call "faulty logic" yourself), I would not bet money on the OP being right about what is called "tags" and what is merely order of appearance in a playlist.

A suggestion that will work if it is a "well-known" album:
Install MusicBrainz Picard - which is a useful application anyway, I'd say - and let it tag based on audio fingerprint.
Then auto-rename the files.
General Audio / Re: Diagnosing Preamp Turn-on Thump
Last post by cresco -
Check out this article

It states there is no switch on (or off) thump, so I assume there is a problem with your amp if it is indeed responsible for the thump

"I generally leave preamplifiers on all the time, and did so with the Athena as well. But for those who don't, the Sumo preamp has no turn-on or turn-off pulse; the output is muted for 15 seconds at turn-on to allow for stabilization of the circuitry—a welcome feature."
As I said, read the thread again. This is getting really stupid. Everyone here except you and OP seem to know it's just wrong tag titles and track numbers with the numbers and titles shifted one place. So that gets confused to a "sorting" problem with the tracks having "wrong audio". Seriously??
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Sort album list by folder/location?
Last post by Porcus -
Now, what do I need to add to make it ignore articles in the list (e.g. list The Beatles under B instead of T)?

$swapprefix(%<artist>%) in place of artist, I think. That should replace "The Beatles" by "Beatles, The" and "A Perfect Circle" by "Perfect Circle, A". If you want other articles moved, use $swapprefix(%tagname%,The,Die,Der,Los,...) or something like that.
I would use $swapprefix over $stripprefix, in case you have e.g. the two different bands "Esoteric" and "The Esoteric" - however, if you have more issues with inconsistent tagging "Beatles" vs "The Beatles", you can use $stripprefix.

Myself I use an Album Artist Sort tag, so that I can make sure I have "Rainbow" and "Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow" together, and "The Mothers of Invention" together with Zappa.
Audio Hardware / Re: Headphone fit
Last post by athegn -
You could be right. I have not yet tried quality wired or BT headphones into my phone, mainly because I only have my Sennheiser wireless, older cheap on ear or older in ear headphones.

In the current older hotel room I am using it would be difficult to use wired headphones to my phone and charge phone at same time. May good BT phones would help here.

Must do some trials.