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Experts: What HAPPENED to this CD?

Hi folks,

I purchased a CD box (second hand shop) that came with this visual issue in the media label side.
I don’t know what caused this, or if it is a factory pressing defect on label only.
The reading surface is perfectly fine.

But I am curious. Was this CD submitted to some kind of heating or thermal stress conditions? I see that it had been played probably in a car by seeing a rounded scratch in the outer edge of the reading surface.
Are these marks removable? Or does it look to you like something damaged the plastic?

This is ripping accurately though, with no playback issue or errors.

I just want to guess what happened to this media. Perhaps the carrier placed behind the engine jet and the media took a little breath from it…

Re: Experts: What HAPPENED to this CD?

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I dunno, but since it ripped OK it's obviously just cosmetic (so far ;) ).    Did you make a lossless rip?  If so you can burn a fresh copy.

Light cleaning would be OK but I wouldn't try to polish it.   The data is on the top (label side) of a CD and it's read through the full-thickness of the polycarbonate.   It's easier to damage a CD from the top than from the bottom and a scratch on the top is usually impossible to fix.

(The data is in the middle on a DVD and on the bottom of a Blu-Ray disc.)

Re: Experts: What HAPPENED to this CD?

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I've seen this happen with a few CDs over the years; the triggers in my instances seem to be exposure to sunlight or some kind of corrosive substance allowed to sit on the surface (some types of food, drink, etc.).  It's just an extremely thin coating of aluminum + whatever ink they use on top of the CD, and it's pretty fragile.

Re: Experts: What HAPPENED to this CD?

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Some not-yet-on-google* form of disc rot, perhaps?

*as far as my searching abilities go.
Listen to the music, not the media.

Re: Experts: What HAPPENED to this CD?

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I seen that happen my old 80s cd.

It's the coating they put on the foil. It disintegrates the foil.

Re: Experts: What HAPPENED to this CD?

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Definitely not disc rot.
Rip is lossless.
@Nichttaub pretty much nailed it.

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