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Sorry if this seems silly to some to write about this. But what is the point of the Load button in the File ops dialog.

Surely by selecting the dropdown and item in the dropdown it should then, select and load the preset.

Better yet: autoload checkbox to please everyone.
Got it solved'ish

See fancy screenshots attached. Step 1 through 6.

I haven't been able to format the log as I'd like. (maybe another day) :)
Is the Command Line Switches changed in FAAC 1.29?
I have ASIO drivers from Thesycon
The drivers should be usually be supplied by the hardware manufacturer.  But if it's working with lower sample rates, maybe it's OK.

and I am trying to play these content on a headset which has support for this.
So you think...  I think you're demonstrated it's not supported.  ;)  Why don't you tell us the make & model and give a link to the specs?    

There is no other DAC except for some analog conversion happening through ASIO.
ASIO is software.  A DAC (digital-to-analog converter) is hardware... An analog signal has to come-out to the physical world. 

There is a DAC built-into every soundcard and assuming these are USB headphones there is a DAC built-into the headphones.

And I'm not trying to insult you, but if you don't know what a DAC is maybe we should talk about why you want such high resolution and why you want ASIO.    ...There is no audio or sound-quality benefit.   Are you doing some kind of experiment, or are you listening for pleasure?
I am using ASIO/WASAPI/etc output and I am experiencing issues...

Do not use alternate output modes unless you must. There is NO benefit in terms of audio quality to using these, as far as music playback is concerned ( read more on the subject ).

Additionally, on most systems, WASAPI (if available) is known to be more stable than ASIO.
"It's only audiophile if it's inconvenient."

Sorry, i couldn't resist  :))
If memory serves most drives shift to Z-CLV when burning at 16x where 8x is the max CLV writing method. Personally I always burn audio CD's at 8x CLV for other people because I don't know what kind of player(s) they have. It doesn't always work out either, the last batch of CD's I made had about a 10% failure to play in other persons' players and that might be due to the brand of blank CD-R I used (and that the blank CD-R's were purchased years ago if it matters).
I have ASIO drivers from Thesycon and I am trying to play these content on a headset which has support for this.
There is no other DAC except for some analog conversion happening through ASIO.
Yes, I have ASIO drivers. I am able to play everything except for 384khz.
What DAC/interface are you using?    ...DACs that go over 192kHz are rare and 32-bit DACs might be even rarer.   Have you checked the specs?    (And you have to be careful, because the higher-specified resolutions are sometimes only supported by the drivers, not the actual hardware...  I assume any-old cheap soundcard will play the file with the right drivers.)

Have you tried it with Windows drivers?   Is there a reason you need ASIO?  
Poor fella, he's missing out on all the glory.

I might be confused about the problem, but the audio CD player should be playing at 1X and it shouldn't care about the speed rating of the disc or the speed at which it was actually burned.

There was a time when you could get a "better burn" at slower speeds.   I don't know if that's still true or if burners have improved.    But with newer-faster burners, I assume the slowest speed works as well as the slowest-speed on an older, slower, burner.    It's been awhile since I've bad any "burning problems" and no longer pay much attention to the speed.

You may have a bad batch of blank discs.   You might try a different brand, or just a different batch.   

Or you may be right that the CD player is wearing-out.  The CD player in my car deteriorated and started having trouble with some burned discs, then it got to the point where most burned CDs wouldn't play, but commercial CDs were (mostly) fine.   I got it repaired and it was OK.   (Now I have an adapter for it, and I play my iPod in the car.)