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What lossy formats do you use on a *regular* basis?

[ 75 ] (36.1%)
AAC or HE-AAC v1,v2 (.m4a, .aac…)
[ 44 ] (21.2%)
LossyWAV + lossless (.lossy.flac, .lossy.wv, .lossy.tak…)
[ 6 ] (2.9%)
Musepack (.mpc)
[ 5 ] (2.4%)
Ogg Vorbis (.ogg)
[ 25 ] (12%)
Opus (.opus)
[ 44 ] (21.2%)
AC3 Dolby Digital (AC-3, E-AC-3)
[ 0 ] (0%)
USAC (aka xHE-AAC)
[ 0 ] (0%)
[ 1 ] (0.5%)
I don't really use any lossy codec on a regular basis
[ 8 ] (3.8%)

Total Members Voted: 208

Voting closed: 2018-12-31 21:55:31

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Re: 2018 Format poll [Lossy Formats]

Reply #25
in short, I voted for... Opus.

Was AAC (AAC-LC) until very recently as I had a old phone laying around (Huawei y336-a1) which with Foobar2000 mobile it works great for Opus which I generally use in the 64-96kbps range since that's one of the major points of using Opus is strong sound at lower bit rates as once you hit the 128kbps+ range your probably better off using Apple AAC.

while I realize MP3 is a safe format, because of wide hardware support, it's outdated mostly because Opus/AAC are superior especially at lower bit rates. basically AAC makes MP3 mostly outdated because it's more efficient (quality sound at lower bit rates (96-128kbps)) and still a widely supported format which is the only thing going against Opus is lack of wide hardware support like MP3/AAC. but assuming your only going to use your lossy files on hardware you know Opus supports, then Opus is best simply because it's the best lossy format straight up when you put aside hardware support.
For music I suggest (using Foobar2000)... MP3 (LAME) @ V5 (130kbps). NOTE: using on AGPTEK-U3 as of Mar 18th 2021. I use 'fatsort' (on Linux) so MP3's are listed in proper order on AGPTEK-U3.


Re: 2018 Format poll [Lossy Formats]

Reply #26
Wavpack hybrid .  Archive = External usb . PC & android phone = wv lossy only @ 352k -x4.   You encode ONCE and wv + wvc files are created so no transcoding or multi archives whatsoever. Also its lean even on vintage hardware like android 2.3 ARM. Works very well with foobar mobile and poweramp.
wavpack -b2.9cs.5
lame --preset cd -f