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MP3Gain can't read Chinese file

I'm not sure if this is the right forum--but this is the closest i could see--From Mp3Gain help file I somehow got here.

Anyhow, I have hundreds of mp3 files from my Learn chinese course. All files start with a number and then continue with chinese characters. MP3 gain does not see them/recognize them somehow. If I drag and drop therm from the folder to the mp3gain software nothing happens--no files get loaded. On the other hand, i you delete the chinese word fom it, all is ok, but obviously I can't delete the chinese names so what do I do to make MP3gain read and accept my files?

My computer can read other chinese files' chracters in Word, IE, Explorer or Adobe Acrobat so I doubt the problem is my Windows XP SP2 OS. The extensions are all MP3, should the software not care about what cmes before it? Should it not only be reading that fact?

MP3Gain can't read Chinese file

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Visual Basic 6 has some... issues with non-Latin characters.
Download the "beta" version (1.3.4) of MP3Gain. It sort-of handles non-Latin characters: The files will load and process correctly, but any non-Latin characters will display as a "?" in the list box.


MP3Gain can't read Chinese file

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How "beta" is the beta? Is it safe to use? Right now I have to rename files with non-latin characters before using mp3Gain, which is annoying. It happens from time to time that I gain an album and later find out that some files were ignored.


MP3Gain can't read Chinese file

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You may try Microsoft AppLocale to set the program code-page to Chinese, or set the system locale to Chinese.