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compiling (IN_)FAAD...

i'm (less than a novice) using MSVC++6 to compile the winamp plugin from WinCVS and am getting a DLL between 2-3 times the size of the one someone was so kind as to email me (a month or so ago), not to mention, quite slow (pauses between songs for 2-3 seconds)...

this is compiler-related, right? there shouldn't have been so many changes to the source as to deteriorate performace, should there have been.

now the question is: is there a way to tell VC++ to compile for size/speed like in MSVB? or do you use a CLI compiler? if so which one, and what command line.. er.. commands do you use? (tinkered around with one for a while but only got majorly confused)

compiling (IN_)FAAD...

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ID3 editing has been added, this gives quite some extra size to the DLL. The extra time between songs comes from the fact that in_aac needs to run through the whole file for the seeking information.


compiling (IN_)FAAD...

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Perhaps you're compiling in debug mode and not in release mode.

compiling (IN_)FAAD...

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The smaller DLL may also have been compressed using, for example, UPX. If you apply UPX to the PsyTEL Math DLL, the size reduces to about 10% with no difference in performance.

compiling (IN_)FAAD...

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thx! i just found size and speed compiling options... i'll  try them and/or UPX out...

well, i guess it was on Debug. i tried Maximize Speed and Minimize Size, both of which didn't work -- they reported the following:

[span style='font-size:9']
(maximize speed)
Compiling resources...
Command line error D2016 : '/ZI' and '/O2' command-line options are incompatible
Error executing cl.exe.

in_aac.dll - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

(minimize size)
Command line error D2016 : '/ZI' and '/O1' command-line options are incompatible
Error executing cl.exe.

in_aac.dll - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

just before i wrote in, i saw another option, Default, that worked (and reported the usual 4 warnings). are there any other options to tweak in the Settings panel? Warning Levels, Preprocessor Definitions, or Project Options?

what all did you use to compile it?

compiling (IN_)FAAD...

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Go to Build->Set Active Configuration
and select in_aac - Win32 Release



compiling (IN_)FAAD...

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thanks for all the help! however...

i'm assuming the following warnings are pretty much normal?

[span style='font-size:9']H:vb6faadfaadpluginswinampaacinfo.c(213) : warning C4018: '<' : signed/unsigned mismatch
H:vb6faadfaadpluginswinampfilestream.c(353) : warning C4018: '<' : signed/unsigned mismatch
H:vb6faadfaadpluginswinampin_aac.c(853) : warning C4018: '>=' : signed/unsigned mismatch

however, i've run into this error (both on the ZIP i downloaded from the audiocoding website and from getting the code in WinCVS.. i wanted to make sure the same thing happened at home that did at school)

[span style='font-size:9']LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file "vb6faadfaadlibfaadReleaselibfaad.lib"
Error executing link.exe.

in_aac.dll - 1 error(s), 3 warning(s)

anyone else having this problem? anyone have this libfaad.lib file?

oh, and i also wanted to note that it happens both on comiling for Speed and Default settings (thank goodness for preview reply)