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Playing mp4 video

I want to play a mpeg4 video (XviD ASP & LC-AAC) file in a DirectShow based player (mpc) and I want it to use the installed 3ivx demuxing filter plus ffdshow BUT this crappy nero decoding filter always jumps in.

When I render the file in graphedit the source file is directly connected to the nero digital video filter (no demuxer inbetween) and connecting the source file to the 3ivx demuxer doesn't work nor connecting it directly to ffdshow. What the heck?

Playing mp4 video

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Your first (and possibly second) question is answered in this thread.


Playing mp4 video

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"Search" is our friend 

Thank you niktheblak!

Just reinstalling 3ivX did NOT do it for me but unregistering the nero filters works... of course