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software EQ

I am looking for a good quality software equalizer that allows audio equalization of all audio sources (or outputs) in my PC. There are some good ones, like the one built into foobar2000 and the Shibatch SuperEQ for Winamp, but I need a single EQ that will work with all audio software. It should be able to handle both WAV and DirectSound sources.

Freeware is preferred, but shareware is OK. I want to be able to try before I buy.

If it matters, I have a SB Live 5.1 soundcard on XP. Yes, I use ssrc for audio playback

Unfortunately Creative only offers simple bass/treble controls in their driver. Using kX drivers is out of the question, because I occaisionally use this PC for games. I use kX in my home theater PC and it's equalizer is acceptable. A 1/3 octave EQ would be nice, but I could get by with a full-octave EQ. I have tried a few EQ's, but they do not meet my needs. RTEQ is promising, but it's doesn't use the "proper" frequency bands.