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Topic: Best out of the box quality - Xvid or Divx? (Read 11410 times) previous topic - next topic
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Best out of the box quality - Xvid or Divx?

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Which is best for 1CD rips.  Movies which are about 2.5 Hours long ?

Use the xvid settings from doom9.  Just be sure to use something like vorbis or AAC around 60 or 70 kbps in order to conserve maxium data for video.  I'd also use mkv since that supposidly has less overhead.  Make sure to convert it to 24 fps if needed as well.

Results won't be perfect, but should be pretty good.


Best out of the box quality - Xvid or Divx?

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Which codec will yield better results without further tweaking? Once the codecs have been setup, all I want to do is crop, resize and choose the number of CDs.

probably xvid at this point, i did few encodes with 1.0 beta 3 and they look really nice, that is with the default settings, things to keep in mind for this version (koepi's compile):

- encoder weight zones are not working unless you use quantizers.

for example, this should work:
Code: [Select]
frame     weight
0         1.00
134126    (20.00)

and less important cosmetic thingy:
- decoder deringer is the fastest in the world (that is - not implemented)
PANIC: CPU 1: Cache Error (unrecoverable - dcache data) Eframe = 0x90000000208cf3b8
NOTICE - cpu 0 didn't dump TLB, may be hung