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Topic: Please put non-A/V topics (audio-only, h/w, computing, etc.) elsewhere (Read 18262 times) previous topic - next topic
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Please put non-A/V topics (audio-only, h/w, computing, etc.) elsewhere

I just moved a lot of threads that were about audio only, were about computer hardware (perhaps we should have a place for that?), or otherwise had no relation to A/V away from page 1 of this subforum (I daren’t look beyond there!). Not only do such topics go against the description of the subforum, but you’re hindering yourself by posting in a location that seems to receive considerably less traffic. So, for everyone’s sake, please consider whether your thread is actually related to audio and video—or at least video!—and post it in a more fitting location if it is not. Thanks!


Please put non-A/V topics (audio-only, h/w, computing, etc.) elsewhere

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Aaand I just moved the first page worth of non–news-related threads out of Digital A/V News (most to General A/V but a few to General Audio, Audio Hardware, etc.). Is “News” really that difficult a concept…?

I guess it’s pointless to go and move any older topics, but if people would actually read and consider where to post, that would be great. Even if you don’t care about keeping things tidy, you’re probably halving your readership by posting in lesser-used sub-boards such as these if you don’t have to.