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[Macbook] Looking for a standalone usb dvd/cd/bluray reader

I'm looking, for my macbook, for a standalone usb reader for cd/dvd/bluray. My current one (Archgon MD-8107-U3) reads cds and dvds half the time, either stalling on the read or not registering cds, or giving me a (Error code -36) for dvds. The media I was using was brand new too, so I doubt its a problem with that many discs that I own.

So, simply, I want to rip cds and dvds and blurays onto my comp. I would prefer something that's truly region free, but my price range is about ~$100, so if that's off the table, I'll accept the limited region change ones.

If I'm too vague or I'm not explaining properly, or if what I'm looking for can't be found in my price range, tell me. Thank you in advance for any help.
~ Erich w/ an h