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Central/global settings and unifying library viewers in new fb2k

(I am exited that after leaving windows many years ago now a full version for mac was released. many thamks for that)

In preferences for album list you can define what a doubleclick should do. In reFacets there is no such option. In turn in reFacets you have filters which are missing in album list. But why shouldn't the album list (and even library search) offer that grandiose feature to quickly set some multiple filters. Why should reFacets not have the same settings for doubleclick? And last but not least: why shouldn't it be possible to define views in reFacets like in album list?

I like to advocate for global/central settings and unification of library viewers in each possible and reasonable regard


Re: Central/global settings and unifying library viewers in new fb2k

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This is a great idea and I had the same thought myself. :D

What I would do, is move the ReFacets toolbar elements to the main toolbar as three right-click options - a Source button, a Filter button, and Search box. The user could then place a Toolbar Header "container" element which holds ReFacets or Album List library viewers. If the library viewer is in this configuration, either one could respond to the toolbar elements -

  • Source button: show and select Library or Playlist contents (Album List currently only shows library)
  • Filter button: both viewers can have presets (Album List no longer require typing the query)
  • Search box: could replicate Library or Playlist search elements depending what the Source button is on, and likewise Filter button.

Since the Toolbar Header can be "bottom docked" already, this would also solve one of the features ReFacets is missing, along with allowing the user to choose which buttons are visible or having no toolbar at all.

(In this case I guess the Preferences page for Filters would need to move to its own node instead of being under ReFacets)

Of course I'm not holding my breath that any of this might happen, just dreaming out loud. ;)

Re: Central/global settings and unifying library viewers in new fb2k

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I agree with you, anamorphic. But i must say that any kind of unification is welcomed.

I would not forget library search: the filter feature is so useful and brilliant that i would like to see it also here. And what you call search box could emerge playlist and library search whereas the main menu entries on opening the windows automatically invoke the correct search source.

I like to repeat that i would also like to have a "view"-drop down  in facets. Due to the peculiarity and characteristics of facets the views couldn't be defined easily in its preferences. An ideal place would be the facets window itself: once a complex view is created it could be saved and stored as entry in the view-dropdown