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Bug and suggestion: MP3 and M4A gain

As I stated in another thread,123022.msg1016329.html#msg1016329
the text in the dialog
ReplayGain / Apply gain to file content
is wrong.
A changed track gain IS reversible.
For opus anyway (as it's written in opus header gain),
and for mp3 and m4a too (as if you save the changed audio,
reopen it and reverse the former gain change you get the original).
The difference between opus on one side and mp3/m4a on the other side
is only, that you don't SEE the gain change.
So I wonder if it shouldn't be possible after all to identify
that gain changes in mp3 and m4a nevertheless,
but identifying their internal chunk entries (or so).
This would be a great enhancement to foobar2000 I might think.


Re: Bug and suggestion: MP3 and M4A gain

Reply #1
Typo in the post above.
In the second last line it shall say:
"by indentifying their...", stead of "... but identifying their..."