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Topic: PsyTEL AACEnc 2.15 bug found... (Read 3140 times) previous topic - next topic
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PsyTEL AACEnc 2.15 bug found...

PsyTEL AACEnc 2.15 cannot handle multiple directories (in "-of") such as the following command line string:

aacenc -vbrhi -ihsc -safems -if "01.wav" -of "AACPaul van Dyk - Seven ways (Special limited edition double CD)CD1\\01. Paul van Dyk - Home.aac"

It worked just fine in AACEnc 2.12 but not with 2.15...  (And yes the directories already exist so it´s not a problem of the nature that you probably think of which is called "user error"... )

P.S. The error message is the following: "ERROR[-1]: EncodeInit() error!"...