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Foobar Streaming FLAC as WAV

So I just quit Subsonic and switched to foobar to act as my DLNA music server on my Windows laptop. Using Flacbox on my iPhone, playback of foobar tracks works fine and the track order within albums remains intact, but all my FLAC files are getting displayed - and played - as WAV, even though in foobar I’ve added FLAC as one of the file types to never convert. 
WMP music server streams Flacbox the same files in their correct FLAC format. Only problem with WMP is track-order within albums is alphabetical.
Anyone know how I can easily stream my flac out of foobar server to Flacbox, and then - I forgot to mention - casting it to Chromecast Audio?
Thanks in advance.

Re: Foobar Streaming FLAC as WAV

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As long as the transfer to your iphone is flac its fine if flacbox plays wav. It has to decompress it anyway.