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Bit-perfect Player for Android

Do u guys know any Bit-perfect player for Android other than USB Audio Player ,becoz I don't wanna use Google and neutron UI is shit.

Re: Bit-perfect Player for Android

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HiBy Music in exclusive mode apparently does.
I don't use it myself.


Re: Bit-perfect Player for Android

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I don't know if these play bit perfect but the following are the best I tested. Poweramp and foobar2000 for Android. Both are great, but use FFmpeg so I don't recommend for formats that don't provide free or open source code as wma, Dolby…

If you need to know how configure the resampler for Poweramp, I guess that it refer resampler functions from FFmpeg, I suggest: SOX, 96.8% and Shibata dithering. I tested up sampling and down sampling between 44.1 kHz and 768 kHz with FFmpeg and It create a file without clipping and preserving correctly the audible spectrum.