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[SPAM] Something New

The BMP388 is a digital sensor that measures pressure and temperature using well-established sensing principles. The sensor module is housed in a 10-pin metal-lid LGA package with a footprint of only 2.02.0 mm2 and a maximum package height of 0.8 mm. Its small size and low power consumption of 3.4 A @1Hz enable its use in battery-powered devices such as mobile phones, GPS modules, and watches.

If you have more ideas about BMP388,please tell me or give a comment.

https:// www . ky $ n $ i x . com/components/BMP388-Sensor-CAD-Models-BMP388-vs-BMP390-Datasheet.html

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I don't think this is relevant to this forum's interests.

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I tried to find similar text on other forums and... it seems that it was also posted at but this topic was deleted.

Also, compare (July 2017) and (February 2015)

Not 100% sure, but really looks like spam.


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Looks like we've got a long lived spammer, then. Banning, and censoring the links so the search engines don't pick them up.