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Need help installing new phono cartridge in San Francisco

I got a new Rega Exact cart to replace the stock Elys 2 cart that came with the Rega P3 I bought last April. I have never done this before. I have poor vision and lack the tools and self-confidence to attempt it myself without assistance. I am afraid of damaging the stylus if my hand slips, or failing to align things properly. I will pay someone in San Francisco to either come do the job at my home or allow me to bring the TT to your place to do the work. I called local audio shops and they don't want to work on anything they haven't sold (I bought my TT and cart online from out of state retailers). Thanks.

Re: Need help installing new phono cartridge in San Francisco

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I have got my local audio sales guy Tim from Tone Of Music lined up to do the job for me this weekend, so I will no longer require assistance. Thanks anyway.