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M-Audio 192|14 limited to 44.100 Hz


I have an M-Audio Air 192|14 soundcard and some huge issue.

In the past I have been use this soundcard to record at bitrates from 44.100 to 192.000 Hz.
A few days ago recording some sound, I noticed that if tried recording at anything else than 44.100 Hz, the sound was like hyper accelerated (that was in SoundForge Pro, but other software like iZotope RX had issues too).

I wrote to M-Audio's support, I received a kind but useless reply explaining thing like 44.100 Hz (and 48.000 Hz) is enough for most people) and that 192.000 data take a lot of disk space... Thank you Captain Obvious! (They don't seem to actually have their own support as the company's name is totally different.)

Today, if I was trying to set the soundcard's sample rate to anything other than 44.100 Hz (in Windows 10 settings or in M-Audio's Driver Control Panel), the card would just get no input and SoundForge Pro would tell that the device was "not available".

I noticed that I was using drivers version 1.0.2, so I updated to latest version (1.0.3).

Now it's very simple, Windows driver settings as well M-Audio's Driver Control Panel now ONLY offer 44.100 Hz sample rate (with 16, 24 and 32 bit option), and that's all. (So the complete list has 3 entries.)

Any idea how I could diagnose and/or solve this problem ?

Thank you

Re: M-Audio 192|14 limited to 44.100 Hz

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It seem I found the solution but it is extremely confusing.
I'm not sure if that solution would work with version 1.0.2 of the drivers since I'm now using 1.0.3.

What I did
1) Launch M-Audio's "Driver Control Panel"
2) Select sample rate in M-Audio's "Driver Control Panel"
3) Then open the recording interface properties (Settings > System > Sound > Sound Control Panel (from the right column) > "Recording" tab > Right click on the recording interface > Properties > Advanced"
4) And there I can chose bit depth.

For some reason, changing sample rate in M-Audio's "Driver Control Panel" replaced the entries from the list I just described in Windows settings, before the choice  was {[16 bit, 44.1kHz], [24 bit, 44.1kHz], [32 bit, 44.1kHz]} and now the choice is {[16 bit, 192kHz], [24 bit, 192kHz], [32 bit, 192kHz]}, but selected value at opening is still my previous selection( [16 bit, 44.1kHz] ).
Well, it is probably only a part of the solution because now, even if I close everything M-Audio's "Driver Control Panel" is not stuck on "192.000 Hz" I guess I need to try to close more stuff, and maybe reboot...

After more testing the thing is the if windows settings are open then M-Audio's "Driver Control Panel" is frozen.
So you have to select sample rate in M-Audio's "Driver Control Panel" but you cannot select bit depth there, you have to select bit depth in the Window recording interface properties, but then you can not select sample rate because other choices disappear from the list (except your previous choice) and you have to select in the other software, which is frozen... So you have to close stuff, and then re-open it, in the right order... Clear and simple. Did anyone seriously test this software???

(And now for some reason, the sound I record is fine too.)

Re: M-Audio 192|14 limited to 44.100 Hz

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I have some M-Audio devices, it's safe to say their drivers are broken and they're probably doing something that's nonstandard as well.  A lot of dedicated sound cards including onboard devices simply let me configure their sample rates and bit depths using the Windows control panel itself.