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Mispressed CD worth keeping?

I ordered Eisbrecher's new album Liebe Macht Monster.  The album art, CD label and even CD text all are correct, however the actual music is Die Krupps' album The Machinists Of Joy.  I actually have 2 copies, both are the same.  Maybe worth keeping as possibly collectible one day?  Send one or both back? 

Re: Mispressed CD worth keeping?

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The Eisbrecher album is just out and by now you have no idea how many are mispressed and how rare it might be.  And I dunno how much the Krupps fans would value things like this.

Suggestion: suggest to the seller to send you new ones (without returning the old, I mean).
For evidence that it is wrong: CD-ROM and some application that just shows a CD's track lengths; take your cell phone, make a ten-seconds recording of you inserting the CD and the track lengths coming up on the screen. Upload to imgur and share the URL.

If you bought the second for a gift for someone, then of course it is a fun thing to give away two that seemingly look the same ;-)

Re: Mispressed CD worth keeping?

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I sent an email to Metropolis Records.  Maybe they'll reply and offer a replacement.  I can't see it being worth their time to want the mispressed copy back.

Re: Mispressed CD worth keeping?

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So, Metropolis never replied to me, and a 3rd attempt from Amazon was still a mispressed copy.  I gave up and ordered the RCA pressing from  Comes in a nicer Digipak case too.


Re: Mispressed CD worth keeping?

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Mispressing? Probably more like mismastered, it probably affects a whole swath of that version.