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Any idea of Opus 1.4?

Will there be any big changes for Opus 1.4?, Like bigger jumps for <128kbps & squish few more killer samples.
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Re: Any idea of Opus 1.4?

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Personally I would like to have,
but to have same quality at 205 q6 musepack
still no encoder is it
if you want same quality at lower space
I don't know if Opus 1.4 could have a similar better quality.

Even if 141 kbps cvbr music maybe can be a a middle ground with opusrug
but people want vbr because they want more efficiency in parity of quality
and they want to encode films/movies.

Talking seriously
194 kbps cvbr speech in 1.3.1-71 sounded a bit better
46 kbps is sounding good 1.3.1-78
 1.3.1-64 and up there are some improvements even for music that isn't too classical (not Bach).
But still, Latin (Spanish) music has difficulties as I heard on this forum, some people hear not artifacts but it sounds different.
But telling seriously opus 1.4 is far from release so I would use FLAC.

Re: Any idea of Opus 1.4?

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after 141 kbps CVBR music you won't hear anything (Opusrug)
only after 299 kbps CVBR music (opus 1.4)
so Opus 1.4 will like improve high bitrates like 300 kbps will sound better and Latin music. But on course I don't know what j m valin is doing. Maybe that will be Opus 1.3.2 or opus 1.5, we don't know yet.

Re: Any idea of Opus 1.4?

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I also have a 74 kbps VBR music
tool Lavf58.27.103
Lavc58.52.102 libopus
that I re encoded with opusrug at 22 kbps VBR music and it sound great.
I encoded it on 2019-06-12, with the exact ffmpeg Zeranoe daily builds, the site is closed so I don't know which Libopus commit it was.
It works well on all bitrates but obviously I won't push audio codecs at those bitrates.

Re: Any idea of Opus 1.4?

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Where's Running Board to make sense of whatever Ruffled Feather is on about again?
Listen to the music, not the media it's on.
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Re: Any idea of Opus 1.4?

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i should talk more about opus 1.4
but people with 96 kbps music 1.3.1 are fully satisfied
they don't need equivalent of musepack q6 205 kbps
for example people think that opusrug 102 kbps vbr detect automatically is waste of bitrate
and that all thing should be used with preset --music as is better and tuned for music and the official developer has stated it
and 102 kbps is too high for most people, they only encode music who has transparency if a music needs 102 kbps the reasoning is that is poor source.
Audio codecs are based on ABX tests and transparency and people follow that and it's right, metrics aren't good as subjective tests.
128 kbps is wasting of bitrate you're right for lossy especially how people listen with sbc bluetooth codecs and with poor headphones
For example in AV1 video encoders people write 96 kbps as "high quality".

The important bitrates in video encoding for the audio track, are the one people hear. Sorry for being off topic
but an AV1 user/encoder said:
If you care enough about audio to have an opinion you will use a custom bitrate
Also mind you music obviously needs more bits than non music or diegetic audio
Which movies have a lot of

...But anyway seriously the only thing sure is that Opus 1.4 will have bug fixes.