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[TROLLING] developer Resolute?


On official google play foobar2000 mobile has developer 'Resolute'
Is this a fake foobar or why is Peter's name not written there?

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Re: developer Resolute?

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Resolute, Ltd. is the LLC which was formed by Peter and Spoon to handle foobar2000 Mobile, and also used to register the iOS team and Android team that publish the respective mobile versions. It also is listed as the developer of the desktop application.

I also have contributed to this project, but only things that were not asked of me, instead of the things that were asked of me, hence why I am no longer a paid member of the team. Executive dysfunction just got in my way, as well as eagerly over planning everything I was supposed to do, which just made me want to give up on the process.

As an aside, I am still a member of the macOS Resolute team, and they also graciously supplied me with their current macOS Developer ID Application certificate, which I currently use to sign and notarize my macOS application builds, mainly the Cog audio player. This is at least until I can afford to enroll in the developer program again.

Re: developer Resolute?

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You can use the GPL license for open source software.
Why does it have to be so complicated?

Make your player open source, no money needed, contributors can help, etc etc
There are only advantages of making it open source.
Foobar2000 - It Really Whips ALL Llamas' Ass!

Re: developer Resolute?

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I think you're a better programmer then Peter.

If you transform Cog into an open source cross platform player using the QT UI library so you can use it on all 3 platforms, you will kick foobar's ugly ass since it's

- open source
- crosd platform
- skinnable and looking great thanks to QT
- having cross platform components because you can compile your own for this player. You're basically THE component guy of foobar. You made virtually all interesting decoders.

SnowhillSoft sounds much better then Pawlo.. Powla ... err whatever ...

Go for it! I'll sure use it and I think many other people.

Foobar2000 - It Really Whips ALL Llamas' Ass!