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[POINTLESS] kode54's components source code

Is the source code of kode54's components for foobar2000 available online?
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Re: kode54's components source code

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The source code is available on Bitbucket under the LoSnoCo group account, but I don't keep that up to date much any more.

The most up to date source code is kept on my personal Gitea instance. Git checkout URLs are not visible without logging in for some reason, even on public repositories. Feel free to just take (repository url) and feed it directly to your favorite Git client. Feel free to ask for an account on the server, if you think you really have something to contribute to the source code. Not many people have contributed much to most of my components over the years, mostly just the libraries they use. The following is an exception:

The most user contributed project I help maintain is VGMStream, where the most up to date source code is kept on Github, under the LoSnoCo group account. Pull requests are accepted, and multiple people have access to merge them if they feel they've reviewed them sufficiently. I don't currently enforce code reviews, though, only "will it build properly". Maybe I should start doing more some day.