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[POINTLESS] foo_gep question


See screenshot. Who can give me some explanation about what those options do exactly (because I'm not expert in that file format).

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Re: foo_gep question

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Nobody can help?
Foobar2000 - It Really Whips ALL Llamas' Ass!

Re: foo_gep question

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Write to files: If you don't enable this, you can't edit NSF tags.

Ignore 4011 writes: This may stop popping on certain NSF files' DPCM drums, but will also outright disable raw PCM usage, which will break some things.

Convert to NSFE if necessary: If you enable "Write to files" but don't enable this, you won't be able to give individual tracks different titles, or edit track timing information (length/fade), or create/edit internal playlists.

Ignore NSFE playlists: If you enable this, and the file is an NSFE file, and the file has an internal song playlist, this will ignore it and simply load all the song numbers from 0 through the total song count of the file. Not really recommended unless you know what you're doing.