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[POINTLESS] best output component


I'm trying to find out what output has the best audio quality for'my computer.
I have a simple intergrated sound chip on my motherboard. It is using realtek hd audio driver in windows.

I see directsound is standard in foobar but there are asio and wasapi components.

- How to find out if my sound chip supports asio or wasapi? How can I see this in foobar?

- Which has the best sound quality: asio or wasapi?

- is it correct directsound has the lowest audio quality?

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Re: best output component

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- is it correct directsound has the lowest audio quality?
Not necessarily.  If you are listening via speakers and/or headphones plugged into the analog output of your soundcard, then it makes no real difference.  If you are sending a digital signal from your soundcard to an external processor, then ASIO or WASAPI might be preferred for their ability to send a "bit-perfect" stream.  Again, however, any differences are likely not audible.

You can test this yourself by switching between DS and WASAPI in foobar2000: File > Preferences > Playback > Output > Device.

If your soundcard supports ASIO: