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Topic: USAC (xHE-AAC) sample rate and bit rate (Read 4406 times) previous topic - next topic
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USAC (xHE-AAC) sample rate and bit rate

I'd like to know Sample rate and bit rate range supported by USAC.

Re: USAC (xHE-AAC) sample rate and bit rate

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Lossy formats don't support a specific range of sample bits. Individual encoders might only accept certain sample sizes, but the format has no limit.

Sample rates should be the same as AAC as far as I know. It's backwards compatible.

Re: USAC (xHE-AAC) sample rate and bit rate

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It's backwards compatible.
No, it's not. The bitstream format ist different from previous versions of AAC. xHE-AAC use a more efficient type of entropy coding.


Re: USAC (xHE-AAC) sample rate and bit rate

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Well, yes and no.
The answer is: There are two different profiles of xHE-ACC
One that uses the old bitstream format (Huffman-coding)
and the other one that uses the new, non-backwarts compatible bitstream coding (CBAC).