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Winamp going away

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This brings back quite a few memories. Fond ones mostly.

time for foobar to brighten up the default config (...) and get all those ex-winampers
It remains to be seen if the users abandon Winamp as suddenly as AOL does. And what Microsoft's plans are.

As I see it skinning support in foobar2000 will only happen if there is a developer with a personal interest in it and the dedication to carry it through. I don't think Peter has this interest.

Winamp going away

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It's been a while since I last logged in here. It so happens that I see this news.

Same here. Since Winamp was the first player I ever used, sad to see this happen, for sentimental reasons if nothing else.

If the forums go away, wonder what DJ Egg is going to do with all the free time.

Winamp going away

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If Microsoft buys Winamp, it wouldn't shock me to see Ogg Vorbis/FLAC/etc not supported anymore.  I'm also pretty sure that there won't be an Android version anymore and both WP8 users will enjoy the WP8 version of Winamp.

Winamp going away

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foobar already offers more flexibility than any other player. you have a blank canvas to do whatever you like. [...] everything else is down to the individual.

That's exactly the problem I see. What you describe is great for a power-user, but I was considering the perspective of beginners, something out of the box! Don't get me wrong, I use foobar myself (much more than Winamp, actually), but since it's such a well written piece of software, I believe it deserves more users and hence should open up to the average Jane/Joe.

But thanks for the info, foosion, what you explain is understandable.

what other players do you consider to be beautiful?

None, sadly. Well, I liked the Nero Media Player 1.x 10 years ago when I designed it  , but that design, although nicely compact, sacrificed usability (playlist and some controls too small), so it wasn't that good after all. lists some alternatives to Winamp, and from that screenshot, Songbird looks alright (but has too many lists to my taste, edit: and isn't developed any further, either).

Anyway, I digress from the original topic: that site says that they will keep hosting the Winamp installer even after December, which is nice. I just hope it'll take long after December until a critical security issue is found in Winamp, since from that day on, using WA will be dangerous.

If I don't reply to your reply, it means I agree with you.

Winamp going away

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Not sure where to begin pruning, so I shall refrain from bothering at the moment, but can I remind people that this thread is about Winamp, not foobar2000. If you would like to discuss your tangential concerns about the latter, please do so in fb2k/General.

Winamp going away

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I Use Winamp all the time when I convert my FLAC's to mp4 files for my portable. Really user friendly. And on the subject of attractive players, I always liked the old classics such as K-Joföl and Sonique. They sucked but they were pretty cool
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Winamp going away

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Winamp 5.35 was (and on some PCs still is) my default player for launching tracks from Explorer.

mp3cue, snapping, ability to decode all the way through corrupt MAC files, and the compact UI were the reasons why I kept it for all these years.

The Winamp 2 Classic has always been my choice for skin.  I even created a version of it for mp3cue so that the plugin wouldn't look so kludgy.

It seems that Winamp Heaven site no longer has old versions for download.

Winamp going away

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There's a petition going with 13000 signatures so far. It asks AOL to either continue development or release the source.

Winamp going away

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13000... is that it?  i'd have expected a lot more than that in this time of social media/forums/etc.

and irrespective of the numbers, i can't see AOL changing their mind. still, i suppose there is no harm in trying.

Winamp going away

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There's a petition going with 13000 signatures so far. It asks AOL to either continue development or release the source.

As much as I regret Winamp's demise, I wonder how many of those petitioners have actually bought the full version (having therefore supported the developers) to be in a position to demand anything.

As this is a commercial enterprise after all, I fail to see how on earth, any profitable company would care about whom has never actually purchased their product. (and probably never would, had they persisted on not discontinuing it).
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Winamp going away

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Also, I doubt that any of those people are expecting Winamp to be decades of mess, APIs piled on top of APIs, in a forever attempt to maintain permanent backwards compatibility with every imaginable plug-in.

That's another thing, the community will need to find a new home to mirror all of those plug-ins that AOL is currently hosting.

Winamp going away

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Course not, they expect the codebase to be perfectly clean and an dream.

Just like what happened with VBA.

Winamp going away

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Although i do not use winamp for years, i'm sorry that this is happened.. served me well.. it's sad..

Winamp going away

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I'm with greynol, I kept Winamp 5.35 around the longest.  Last version before they added the Bento skin, which I never cared for.

I've always, and probably always will, kept a copy on Winamp around just to manage music on portable devices.  I've used it for my cell, clip, ipod and microsd cards.  I've always loved the options in syncing:  percentage of device to fill, directory/file name output, sync full albums only, and auto-fill.  Anybody else know a program that does the same?  Maybe MediaMonkey?

To me, Winamp lost its way when it began adding video playback.

Sad to see it go.  Winamp and Geiss vis were the coolest thing around back then.

Winamp going away

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Not wanting to divert off topic, but I've started now to wonder how feasible (ie, profitable) other big-named payware media centers/managers (bar iTunes) have actually become, from their developers' POV.

As much as I hate the jargon: a sign of things to come perhaps?
Listen to the music, not the media it's on.
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Winamp going away

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Heard the news, and all I can say is RIP winamp.  I used this back when I was in college and had some cool green theme which showed file properties and huge album art.  Then I discovered foobar and it was goodbye winamp.  It was fun while it lasted.
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Winamp going away

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I remember it like 1998 (?) when it was at it's peak... Listening to Greenday... (MTV era, Beavis and Butthead) (GTA 1 & 2) mp3 was fresh and amazing...
Good times!

Unfortunately it become a bloatware. I'm sticking xmPlay / Foobar2k / AIMP3.

Winamp going away

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The best thing of winamp: the 5 second skip (right arrow key)
I really miss that in a lot of modern music (media) players.

I have used winamp a lot with the amazing G-Force visualizer plugin.
But that's probably more than 10 years ago..... Time flies.

Winamp going away

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The best thing of winamp: the 5 second skip (right arrow key)
I really miss that in a lot of modern music (media) players.

I use Shift+Alt since it's a Global hotkey but you can personalize it however you want:

Winamp going away

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I did not know that.
Thanks very much. 
I'm starting to understand why people like foobar so much!

Winamp going away

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I have been using Winamp for many years, until I discovered Foobar.
I'm sad it disappear.