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foobar2000 mobile on eversolo?

Hi everyone

How can I get access to the internal SSD on an eversolo streamer?
I have tried with the .apk-file installed on an DMP A6 and all I got was a network error…
The internal SSD is visible and useable with the eversolo‘s own music app and can also be adressed from my computer.

Has anyone succeeded or an idea of how to connect?

Thanx, Jay

Re: foobar2000 mobile on eversolo?

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Meanwhile I managed to transfer some files to the Eversolo, but only via tunessync and I have no idea where the files are. It must be an invisible folder, I guess? The file transfer doesn‘t work everytime, so I am not at the end of the road…

Re: foobar2000 mobile on eversolo?

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Unfortunately, I have only managed to transfer music to the internal (32mb) storage 😢 and not to the internal 2tb ssd…
So, it seems that Eversolo and foobar2000 are no good companions?


Re: foobar2000 mobile on eversolo?

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Mobile OSes sandbox storage per app and strongly limit what else an app can access, to prevent exploits.  You would have to break that or submit your app to Google/Apple for examination.
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