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Flex DSP

Switch DSP based on track metadata.

This component starts independent development on Dynamic DSP v2.1.1.3.

Flex DSP v1.0

What new:
- Added option to log DSP updates.

- Unrecoverable error: 6 channel/DSP updates in exclusive mode.
- Multi-line chain configuration dialog labels.
- Nested chain configuration dialog crash.

Importing Dynamic DSP (v2.1.1.3) chain definitions:

- Open Dynamic DSP, enable 'Export setup on exit' and click OK.
- Copy/rename <profile>/configuration/foo_dynamicdsp.exp foo_flex_dsp.exp.
- Imported settings will be used as default by the first Flex DSP instance added to the active DSPs.

Note: Imports only from the Active DSP root and secondary groups.