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Audio Unit inside layout txt

Hi @Peter

It's very cool that with the new preview version, we can add audio unit inside layout now. But it seems the embedded AU is unconnected with the AU of same name in the active DSP chain? They're two separate instances. As opposed to View > DSP > plugin-name, which actually shows the plugin that is in the DSP chain.

Second, changing things in the embedded AU has no effect on the sound. Is this intended to be for visual (readout) only?

Third, the changelog mentions >>Added "Visualize with Audio Unit"<< What does this do? Is this in the settings somewhere? I cannot find it.

Thanks for the cool work you are doing

Re: Audio Unit inside layout txt

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I found  "Visualize with Audio Unit". It's under View menu > Visualizations. Sorry about that.

A small bug with embedded AU: it does not remember the preset I chose. It always reverts to the default on app restart.

Re: Audio Unit inside layout txt

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General problem with Audio Units or VSTs inside foobar2000 is that you can either visualize accurately (feed live audio being heard) or control settings and feed audio being processed by this instance of the AU/VST (choppy/lagged performance of AU/VST that shows audio being played).
I just added (build 2024-07-04) a separate, probably more useful mode: add mode=control to the layout line - audio data being fed isn't synchronized with playback but changes in AU settings are applied to current DSP configuration.
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