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How do I learn everything about audio?

Hello I would like to learn pretty much everything about audio if anyone could give me anything to help with this it would be much appreciated!  :D 

Re: How do I learn everything about audio?

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There is a TON of "audiophile nonsense" on the Internet.  Most of the "audiophile community" is "nuts".   Many of them don't believe in blind listening test, and they often describe sound with words that have no real scientific or engineering meaning, and generally no agreed-upon meaning.  They might say it sounds "liquid" or "musical", etc.

I don't have any specific recommendations but I'd say there are 3 areas that might be worth investigating -

  Sound, hearing, and acoustics.
  Some electronics concepts (signal voltage & wattage).
  Something about digital audio (maybe including audio file compression like MP3, etc.).

Digital audio and modern electronics are generally very good so when it comes to sound quality speakers (and room acoustics) or headphones have the biggest influence.   i.e. Most good amplifiers sound the same (and are often better than human hearing) as long as you have enough power, but every speaker sounds different.

You might find Audiophoolery interesting.  The author of that web page also wrote a book.

The Audacity website has a little easy digital audio tutorial.

Re: How do I learn everything about audio?

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For explanations of various audio related terms and equations, is a great website. Please don't be fooled by the website design from the 90s and dismiss it.

If you want to delve in deeply, undergraduate-level class material and textbooks for electric circuits, control theory and signal processing would provide you with a strong foundation for audio-related knowledge. Radio frequency related material might also be useful in that you can use that to reject some of the marketing nonsense.

Re: How do I learn everything about audio?

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When I was young and I first got interested in "good sound" (back in the analog days) the 1st thing that interested me was frequency response.  i.e. Getting good bass and treble at the same time.     

As well as getting plenty of loudness.  :D   Depending on your speakers & amplifier there's a limit to how loud you can go, and if you turn it up too much you can push the amplifier (and/or speakers) into distortion, and/or speakers can start to buzz or rattle (a kind of noise).

Noise (clicks & pops from vinyl records and hiss from cassette tapes) was a "concern" but there wasn't much you could do about it.

The Audiophoolery article covers these concepts (noise, distortion, and frequency response).   It's important that you understand what these are and what they sound like.    If you don't already have an audio editor you can download Audacity.  It can generate noise and distortion and alter the frequency response, if you want to experiment.

to learn pretty much everything
You might also want to learn something about audio production (live sound and recording).   

Re: How do I learn everything about audio?

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And, if by "learning everything" you mean the maths involved in digital audio*, Ken Pohlmann's 'Principles of Digital Audio' cannot possibly go unmentioned.

* and looking under its hood
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Re: How do I learn everything about audio?

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Reading books is an unappreciated way to learn about things these days.

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