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MP3 / Re: MP3 file encoded by Google
Last post by Porcus -
You can even call it it a lossy representation ...

Found 256 lame in the file - did google just remove it from the usual header to disguise what they are doing?
FLAC / Re: FLAC v1.3.3
Last post by Porcus -
for /r %G IN (*.flac) works as well I think. So the differences stayed about the same, and that is not the explanation. (Reason why I asked is this thread.)

But the Beautiful World must have had a 5.5 gigabytes padding or something? Given that the art was that 446553 file. (You can find art size by Mp3tag.)
dBpoweramp has the option to encode to "uncompressed" FLAC (I don't remember how, does maybe it forces VERBATIM for everything ... everything but wasted bits I think). Probably it was implemented to attract audiophools or maybe to shut them up.
It is possible to get out that information by checking the output of flac -a - which would be a text file same order of magnitude as the file or something, that is for the curious.
FLAC / Re: FLAC v1.3.3
Last post by sheik124 -
There was only a <1 KB difference between any of the builds or 1.3.2 for 44/16, using Muse's "Take a Bow" from that old post.

Just to be sure that it isn't padding or seektable ... tried
metaflac.exe --dont-use-padding --remove-all
(It will also remove the vendor (version) string, so make a copy first.)

You know, I don't think I've ever used metaflac or even flac.exe itself, it's usually piped through via foobar or EAC or something.
If you ever want a lazy way to do operations like that for all FLAC files in a folder + its subfolders,
Code: [Select]
FOR /F "tokens=*" %G IN ('dir /b /s *.flac') DO metaflac.exe --dont-use-padding --remove-all "%G"
No fancy table this time
Code: [Select]
2021-09-18  01:04 PM        32,819,331 01 Take A Bow 1.3.2.flac
2021-09-18  01:09 PM        32,819,357 01 Take A Bow flac-v1.3.3.git-ce6dd6b-x64.flac
2021-09-18  01:07 PM        32,819,370 01 Take A Bow 1.3.3_313ab58-Ozz.flac
2021-09-18  01:10 PM        32,819,379 01 Take A Bow mingw-w64-x86_64-flac-git-1.3.3.r3909.7a35c528.flac
2021-09-18  11:46 PM        32,689,426 01 Take A Bow 1.3.2.flac
2021-09-18  11:46 PM        32,689,452 01 Take A Bow flac-v1.3.3.git-ce6dd6b-x64.flac
2021-09-18  11:46 PM        32,689,474 01 Take A Bow mingw-w64-x86_64-flac-git-1.3.3.r3909.7a35c528.flac
2021-09-18  11:46 PM        32,689,476 01 Take A Bow 1.3.3_313ab58-Ozz.flac
The "giant" 4616 kbps FLAC out of curiosity:
2019-10-22  06:18 PM       189,548,998 01 - Beautiful World.flac - Before
2021-09-18  11:53 PM       183,454,510 01 - Beautiful World.flac - After
2021-09-18  03:09 PM       183,586,602 01 - Beautiful World.wav - Still tagged with embedded album art too BTW...
2021-09-18  03:05 PM           446,533 heart station.jpg
AAC - Tech / Re: AAC Gapless playback information
Last post by snotlicker -
No idea why anyone would touch ffmpeg/fdkaac when you're on a mac and the target device is an ipod. Surely using the built in** apple codecs is the way to go?? I'd have to assume that's what XLD is doing? And according to this...

there is a batch section in the preferences.

** huge assumption on my part about this. I really have no idea.  :))

AAC - Tech / Re: AAC Gapless playback information
Last post by apastuszak -
I did more experimenting this afternoon.

I wrote a small script to do conversion:

Code: [Select]

ffmpeg -i "$1" -f wav - | fdkaac -I -m 5 -G 0 - -o "$2"

This was supposed to write the iTunSMPB atom to the file. I used this script, and took the resulting m4a file and confirmed that the iTunSMPB atom is there using FooBar2000 properties.

I synced that file to the iPod, and I DID NOT get gapless playback.

So, I changed the -G 0 to a -G 2, which is supposed to write both iTunSMPB Atoms and ISO standard (edts + sgpd).

I synced this album over to the iPod, and playing these tracks caused the iPod to reboot.

The one thing that DOES work, is to use the Mac application xld to convert the FLACs to AAC.  They work, and they play gapless. But, I have 33,000+ songs, and I don't think XLD does batch processing.
AAC - Tech / Re: AAC Gapless playback information
Last post by apastuszak -
I just tried this, and it strips all the metadata from the m4a file.

Yes, the command I gave was simply to generate an m4a file from flac with only gapless information included. 
I'm confused, your first post says your on Linux, your 3rd says your on a Mac?

You could try this command.  It only carries over basic tags from the flac file without cover art, but will add all of the gapless atoms: iTunSMPB, edts + sgpd, and pgap.
Code: [Select]
ffmpeg -i filename.flac -f caf - | fdkaac -S -p2 -m5 -a1 -f0 -G2 --moov-before-mdat --tag pgap:1 - -o "filename.m4a"

Another option to write tags to existing files is to use AtomicParsley.  This will write the "Gapless Playback" tag to every file in the directory, but it will not add the specific iTunSMPB tag that fdkaac adds each file.
Code: [Select]
for file in *; do AtomicParsley "$file" --overWrite --gapless "1"; done

I'm not familiar with  Maybe there is a way to modify the command it uses to encode files?

I have a little bit of everything in the house. My main computer is Linux, but I also have a Mac.
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