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Support - (fb2k) / Re: About DSP dialog
Last post by GeSomeone -
Since it exists, I use the DSP  component Channel Mixer. I know it is old and there haven't been updates for the last 10 years or so, but it always worked without problems until foobar2000 beta14.
Now whatever I do in the DSP configuration of this component, foobar2000 crashes, even when I only press cancel.

P.S. I joined this topic because I suspect the changes in the DSP dialog might be related to this.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Encyclopedia Metallum tags ? - How to find automatic tags by country for artists
Last post by Porcus -
Not fb2k, but for Mp3tag - and not even a ready to use solution, but:
For someone who can do a little bit of scripting, it should be possible to fill in a few lines in the Metal Archives source scripts at and get country.
Check this:
It gives country.

If you have a look at one of the scripts, say
there are lines
Code: [Select]
findline "<a href=\\\""
# Artist
findinline "\\\">"
sayuntil "<"
say "|"
meaning that it looks for a line with <a href=\" (the slash is also an escape character) and picks "Artist" as the string between \> and < - just after nationality. So a hunch would be - I have not done anything to test it! - that you could insert the "# Nationality" part and get it to work:

Code: [Select]
findline "<a href=\\\""
# Nationality
findinline "\\\">"
movechar -6
sayNchars 2
say "|"

# Artist
findinline "\\\">"
sayuntil "<"
say "|"

I called it "Nationality" as a "country" tag would often refer to the country of the release (a UK version, a US version, a JP version).
(Discogs has no format for nationality AFAIK.)
General Audio / Re: Questions on "loudness wars" and/or bad CD engineering - doing a FLAClibrary
Last post by bennetng -
In terms of loudness war the situation is not completely hopeless.
The implementation of loudness normalization in various streaming platforms discourages loudness war. It will not change the industry instantly, just wait and see.

About declippers... it's easy to visually smooth out clipped waveform but whether it really sounds better or not is another thing. Unintentional and single instrument clipping is slightly easier to fix but intentional distortions caused by loudness war mixing techniques are basically hopeless. 
General - (fb2k) / Encyclopedia Metallum tags ? - How to find automatic tags by country for artists
Last post by zpoison -
Is there a way to find tags by country, for artists

Like for example, beattles are from the UK
you click on something and foobar finds out they are from the UK and you can tag the file

On the website Encyclopedia metallum all the band countries are shown

manually it can be very long to tag all files

can discog addon for foobar do it?
is there a encyclopedia metallum addon for foobar?
Or anything that could find the country of the artists

thank you

Opus / Re: What is the bitrate of your Opus files?
Last post by ThaCrip -
UPDATE: while I already mentioned I voted for 64kbps, which ain't bad for the bit rate, it seems like 96kbps is what I would vote for now since it's a safe setting for most people and I figure it's not worth gambling (on sound quality loss) on the lower bit rates for important music to squeeze a little extra space savings and Opus @ 96kbps scores very well in listening tests so there is no real need to use higher than 96kbps with Opus in general.

I recently re-converted my FLAC collection to 96kbps (was using 80kbps) just to play it safe (sound quality wise) for my more important music but I still left the less important music at 64kbps (that combo gives me ample room for adding more music to the 8GB MicroSD card in the future).

NOTE: one song I set to 96kbps, had a average bit rate of 138kbps (i.e. 'They Broke His Pelvis' track from the Drive (2011) soundtrack). but my overall music collection (1,205 songs) averages 99kbps so far which is about expected since it's around 96kbps but it's a bit surprising to see 138kbps from the 96kbps setting. only about 4 songs cracked 130kbps+.

p.s. if I wanted to really nitpick and squeeze out every last drop out of Opus I 'may' be able to try going between the 80 and 96kbps setting to 88kbps, but it's not really worth messing with for the little storage space savings and we know 96kbps is a strong sound quality setting given the tests around here. so for anything important I think 96kbps is going to be my default Opus setting now as it should be a safe setting that I can say, 'use it and forget about it'.
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