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General - (fb2k) / Re: how do is use the random function?
Last post by anbr -
Thanks for the answer. No, i haven´t that box ticked. But it´s still not clear to me, how to feed a certain amount of songs $somewhere (drag them into the playlist field?) and to make foobar choose a random selection.
General - (fb2k) / Re: How to backup ID3 tags?
Last post by marc2003 -
A 2TB drive costs the same as about 6 new CDs. Buy one and backup the full audio with tags, you bloody cheapskates!!  :))
General - (fb2k) / Re: How to backup ID3 tags?
Last post by jazzthieve -
Wouldn't it be more sensible to restore ID tags by binding all metadate of each file to a unique key identifier. Masstagger can tag each file with a crc32 tag. I'm no programmer myself but I do think it's possible to program a script that loops through all keys and of those that are found fill in all metadata that corresponds to that key. Key's that aren't found (new files or absent files) are ignored. Metadata needs be stored in a external database somehow of course, sqlite could be a candidate for that.
If @marc2003 reads this, I'm sure he can confirm if jscript can do this or not.
General - (fb2k) / Re: How to backup ID3 tags?
Last post by Porcus -
Right so the drive isn't failing
Ah! Goodie, there was an "if" I overlooked.

Maybe foo_tags could be an idea? It writes tags to external files. Then you can copy only those (preserving directory structure). 
Re-importing could be a bitch if you change folder naming, of course.  But if you can keep your fingers off folder names, then you could restore from backup by copying the backup'd tagfiles back (preserving directory structure).,97164.0.html
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Hanging at close
Last post by Case -
Note that Norton's kernel drivers are still most likely running and traffic passes through it in some way even when it's disabled. If you have the latest foo_upnp and you absolutely need to use it, you may want to try uninstalling Norton to see if it helps.
He refuse to use the magic pears (original challenge) and insisted on using this "cable" replete with gamebox.

from that link:
"And now let's gently touch ground: A 1m pair of Zero interconnects will set you back $14,900. I am sorry.

Here's the good news: A 2m pair of Zeros also costs $14,900. So does a 3m pair. The length required to go from my preamp to my amps costs a not-so-cool $17,000"

 :o  :o  :o

That would be hilarious if it wasn't so obscene !
Well, Jakob2 likes his choice, as it allowed an escape from a reality smackdown.
It's what a weasel needs as a variable to game a "cable" test, as you know.

So, you really believe in the magic of those "gameboxes" because no scientific or engineering assessment of the "box effect" is known to man. :)

Jakob, since you are obviously a friend of Fremer, why don't you obtain a clarification from him, and share it with us?


So blind as well as deaf trolling.

In that pic Fremer´s loudspeaker cable still isn´t shown, or is it?

Jakob, since you are obviously a friend of Fremer, why don't you obtain a clarification from him, and share it with us?

Which is exactly what the Pear cable was. But your weasel hero got scared, so he was forced to move the goal post to his gamebox cables, knowing fully well that added variable box would be his weasel way out, as it adds a non-cable variable that would force testing etc on Randi...which is not Randis burden, especially with his $million on line.
What weasels your ilk are! <snip>

Let´s see what the state of your premises is:
1.) Fremer´s loudspeaker cables were equipped with "gameboxes" ...... blatantly wrong

Please define "gamebox".  I've read the thread and the linked articles and other sources, and for the life of my I can't tell what Fremer used or exactly what AJ is referring to.

2.) Fremer got scared and moved the goal post....... blatantly wrong, see the cited messages between Fremer and Randi

Jakob, since you are obviously a friend of Fremer, why don't you obtain a clarification from him, and share it with us?

3.) an implicit one; i.e. testing wouldn´t have been needed without "game boxes"......wrong, see the short explanation in my answer to Arnold B. Krueger.

Jakob, given all of the imprecise language and dissembling in that response, please clarify.

Here's my take. 

Conventional science clearly shows that there is no magic in speaker cables or interconnects, just LCR and small amounts of secondary parameters such as those related to dielectric loss and temperature coefficients of the vaious elements, none of which have any relevant reliably audilble  properties.  People like Fremer and you are just out there, misleading and dissembling as you will, trying to invent some credibility for the incredible.

Therefore, when given an opportunity such as Randii provided, its up to the magic cable advocates to provide convincing, reliable evidence.   Seeing none, there's no reason to believe that people like Fremer are anything but foolish, poorly-informed  placebophiles or stealth salesmen who live in and by means of the deep pockets of audio snake oil vendors. 

So Jakob, instead of all this haggling over he-said, they-said, nobody said, everybody-said, why not actually say something believable, relevant and meaningful?
Btw, my nick overthere is the same as it is in this forum "Jakob1863" .
I know what you are, Jakob2
Apparently he wasn´t referring to any "cable burn in test"
Wrong. He's challenging you to take the test so that he finally has data, since your fellow weasels wouldn't bite.
The reason being, is that you said prior a positive result was possible:
We assume you´ve send out the two randomly labeled cable sets and that you got after some time the response and after unblinding you realize that the listener´s anwer was correct. What are you doing next?
So, he saw a weasel who thought it was possible to get correct answers for "burned" cables. He then directly challenge that weasel to take the test and provide data.
Do you know what a weasel does in such a situation Jakob? Of course you do. ;)

i never claimed to hear a burn in effect in cables there was no test to weasel out.
Of course not. Weasel speak is to say claim "is possible". Then weasel out of any test.
As you know.
Looks like this, right?
(with a battery?). Not obvious to me that the "front plate" can be removed with those bolts (how about that volume knob?), and it is actually not obvious to me that there isn't some screw atop the jack outlet either.