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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_upnp
Last post by alb_qwerti -
Hi, I tried it but it is different in design.

It's only an output to another device, not a real server.
Anyway it didn't work too, there was an errore message. Today I'll try again and I let you know.
Maybe there are some ports to open in the router?

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_upnp
Last post by MojoBass -
Did you try foo_upnp_out, see here? Works well for me.
WavPack / Re: How about multi-threaded wvunpack?
Last post by bryant -
So wvunpack is faster than FFmpeg for single threaded decoding, but with 8 threads FFmpeg is a lot faster (as expected).
Wow, I am really surprised by that level of improvement...thanks for testing and posting this!
Listening Tests / Re: 192kHz Samples -- But Not Really?
Last post by Chibisteven -
The ABX result.

foo_abx 2.0.2 report
foobar2000 v1.3.15
2017-06-26 19:17:40

File A: [44k] Flying Battery Zone Act 2.flac
SHA1: 04dbee201c45e5914510b6da64b933dac5acf152
File B: [192k] Flying Battery Zone Act 2.flac
SHA1: bb1b5abc8d76cf17afa6c485d071a5a051b2438c

DS : Primary Sound Driver
Crossfading: NO

19:17:40 : Test started.
19:18:19 : 01/01
19:18:58 : 01/02
19:19:09 : 01/03
19:19:20 : 02/04
19:19:29 : 03/05
19:19:41 : 03/06
19:19:51 : 03/07
19:20:02 : 04/08
19:20:10 : 05/09
19:20:19 : 05/10
19:20:26 : 06/11
19:20:34 : 06/12
19:20:41 : 06/13
19:20:48 : 06/14
19:20:55 : 06/15
19:21:03 : 07/16
19:21:03 : Test finished.

Total: 7/16
Probability that you were guessing: 77.3%

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Listening Tests / Re: 192kHz Samples -- But Not Really?
Last post by Chibisteven -
You still don't understand what I mean?
Read Reply#26 and get the file.

[1] The file "R-Type(HES).7z" is the source, inside of it is a 16-bit 96khz wav file.
[2] This *wav* file is resampled to 44.1k by SoX to another lossless format, like wavpack or flac.
[3] ABX file [1] and [2] by using the ABX plugin.

Totally unrelated to what you said isn't it? The ABX log will contain the checksum of file [1] and [2].

In case others would like to verify and reproduce the ABX test, file [1] and [2] will be used so that the checksum can be verified.

Understand now? It is a comparison of normal lossless audio file like flac and wavpack, tell me how can you make "R-Type(HES).7z" change the sound completely by using SoX?

To answer how to change the audio with SoX. with those particular files.  Use any sample rate below 32 KHz.  If you really want to muffle it use something like 8 KHz.
Listening Tests / Re: 192kHz Samples -- But Not Really?
Last post by Chibisteven -
Actually I used a MIDI from the FM set and not the General MIDI set.  Difference in panning, instrumentation, and use of effects such as reverb and changing drumkits.

FM Set - Optimized for OPL3 sound cards of the day.  Hard panning, use of certain instruments to work around limitations of OPL3 hardware.

GM Set - Made for General MIDI wavetable synthesizers of the day (probably optimized a bit for the Roland SC-55 add-ons of the day???).  Soft panning, effects such as reverb, drum kit changes between songs.
Quick answer...  Make a copy of the same track using both versions.  Listen to the resulting files and compare.  You can use the foobar ABX comparator or just switch back and forth a few times in your own media player. 

If you can't tell the difference between the two tracks, does it really matter what anyone else says?
Hi, I was just wondering if there was any perceivable difference in sound quality between these two versions of QAAC because I would rather use 2.50 to be able to see the average bitrate on my iPod as I use a an outdated version of an app called TuneShell which is unable to display the correct bitrate of 2.64 encoded audio files. Thanks.  8)
Could very well be. I would have tried a different drive, if you cannot ask for a replacement.

I've had a skip at the same spot in every stereo I have (~2:29 on that track), on all three copies, so I did at least have a different set of hardware (not clear or consistent skipping on other mismatched tracks, though). After two replacements, I felt pretty confident, but they said they've had no other complaints (they're being quite good to me despite that--a replacement disc, then a replacement set, now willing to accept a return after quite some time)

Don't have another SATA drive handy, though I certainly considered that as an option to confirm.
AAC - General / Re: EAC and Nero AAC not working
Last post by korth -
I added quotes to the Additional command-line options. Worked fine (Windows 10).
/c ""D:\Program Files (x86)\Tools\NeroAAC\neroAacEnc.exe" -q 0.5 -if %source% -of %dest% && "D:\Program Files (x86)\Tools\NeroAAC\neroAacTag.exe" %dest% -meta:artist="%artist%" -meta:album="%albumtitle%" -meta:track="%tracknr%" -meta:title="%title%" -meta:genre="%genre%" -meta:year="%year%" %hascover%-add-cover:front:"%coverfile%"%hascover%"

edit: had one too many