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Support - (fb2k) / Re: How about the "Library files could not be written" dialog ?
Last post by wcs13 -
OK, here's a new log file, with ALL processes.
Due to its size (80 MB), I had to host it on WeTransfer. Here's the link :
Please acknowlege reception so I can erase it from my HDD.

This log file should be useful, since when the error dialog appeared, i had to click EIGHT TIMES on "Try again" before it actually worked and exited foobar.

Thanks for your help with this.
Support - (fb2k) / Fallback to other decoder doesn't work since 1.4.1 for mp4/m4a
Last post by Rollin -
Since version 1.4.1 foobar2000 doesn't use other decoder for *.mp4/*.m4a files, if decoder that is higher in priority list didn't work.
Example. I have  foo_ac3, foo_input_dts installed and also foo_input_ffmpeg configured for decoding ac3, DTS and MP4. fb2k's native MP4 demuxer, foo_ac3, foo_input_dts and native matroska reader are higher in decoders' priority  list than foo_input_ffmpeg.
I created *.ac3 file with e-ac3 stream (which isn't supported by foo_ac3), *.mka file with e-ac3 stream, *.dts file with dts-express stream (which isn't supported by foo_input_dts) and also three *.mp4 files (one with e-ac3 stream, one with dts-express stream and one with mpeg4als stream).
In fb2k 1.4 decoding successfully falls back to foo_input_ffmpeg for ALL aforementioned files and all files are playable.
But 1.4.1 for *.mp4 files (with e-ac3, dts-express, mpeg4als inside) just gives out error "Unsupported format or corrupted file".
Archive with files -

Also fallback to foo_input_ffmpeg never worked for *.mkv with dts-express even in 1.4. But i guess this is entirely different problem.
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