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FLAC / Re: EAC to FLAC single file add unwanted wrong tag
Last post by Bert -
That option helped a lot. Performer and Title of the track are now written to the .cue.
Is it possible to avoid that REM Composer ""   and FLAGS DCP is written to the .cue under every track?
Was it 1982 when the CD was invented? But people were pushing for more loudness in pop records before then going back to the 40s and 50s. I'm curious about when the push for loudness first started reducing audio quality.

Early CDs were mastered so the *album* peak -- usually a single peak across the entire album -- approached or reached 0dBFS.  No compression added (I don't think digital compression had been invented yet).  As a result the full dynamic range of the analog tape source  -- there were few all-digital recording then -- was preserved.  According to Wikipedia (with citations)  "the average level of the average rock song during most of the decade [the 1980s] was around −16.8 dBFS."

Also: "In 1994, the digital brickwall limiter with look-ahead (to pull down peak levels before they happened) was first mass-produced."  And that accords with my recollection of when it all really started going to hell.

It was a terrible shame because it overlapped a positive trend underway since the late 80s: companies were finally doing due diligence and sourcing remasters from original master tapes (not vinyl EQ-d production masters) .    Adding hard digital compression to a flat transfer of a classic original master tape is akin to adding googly eyes to the Mona Lisa.

I am presuming you are using FB2K for ripping? I've never used it for ripping (always used EAC), so can't give an exact work-flow, but there should be a place where you can add a command line that will tell the ripping to create separate folders based on CD/album, and what information to add to the folder names and filenames. For example, in EAC I have:

%albumartist% - %albumtitle%\%tracknr2% %title%

This tells it to make a folder with album artist - album title (e.g. Michael Jackson - Thriller), and in that folder rip all the tracks with their track number and title in the file name (e.g. 01 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin.wav) A lot of people also like to add the album name to the file name, and year of release to the folder, etc.

You need to know the correct syntax, the FB2K stuff is here:

And it presumes that you have already entered the meta-data for the CD, either manually, or via an online database.

Sounds a a bit complex but you only have to set it up it once, and I know in FB2K's "Convert" function, there are already lots of macros with the most commonly used strings.
General Audio / Re: Can I use alufoil as a cable shield ?
Last post by Makaki -
I have the same problem, my solution was a long cable to the rear jack. But I've read somewhere could be the way the Audio Ground is shared (or not shared) with the Chassis Ground.

In the end, This would require modifying a small PCB in the front of the chassis. And I couldn't confirm the "Correct" way it should be (Industry-Wise). Also what would be the PROs and CONs of making the change. So I went with the minimal impact option.


I'll show my ignorance: how do I do either of those things?
Rip to separate album folders, I've done it that way the last 20 years. Or rip with the artist name in the file name.
General Audio / Re: Can I use alufoil as a cable shield ?
Last post by DVDdoug -
Shielding is not the problem...    You probably need a different soundcard. 

Headphones are low-impedance with a relatively high signal level and you can't "inject" noise without a direct connection.     For example, if you leave the headphones plugged into the front panel jack and unplug the unshielded wire from the motherboard, the noise will go away.

FLAC / Re: EAC to FLAC single file add unwanted wrong tag
Last post by korth -
Do you have  'Use CD-Text information in CUE sheet generation' checked?
If not, add the check.
General Audio / Re: Can I use alufoil as a cable shield ?
Last post by bennetng -
Or just use the jack on the motherboard, with an optional 3.5mm extension cable.
I have a PC chassis where the little front output for headphones are connected to the motherboard by a unshielded cables and it seems to pickup some annoying noise on it. i am considering to do an DIY solutions

- unmount the cable and wrap it in household alu foil
- connect a small wire from the alu foil to the chassis

hoping to create a grounded shield. Am I totally in the wrong here ?

Why not pick up a few feet of actual shielded cable?