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Playback screen Customization

I realize that this is a very minor issue but its started bothering me quite a bit recently for no good reason.
I've been using the app for a while now and enjoyed the default skin. But very recently i noticed that the playback screen shows infos on filetype and bitrate under artist, album and tracktitle. i dont know if this was in a recent update or if i simply never noticed it before.
maybe im imagining things but i was pretty sure that at some point i was able to make some customization to the playback screen, what it shows on there, etc. but i cant seem to find an option for it anywhere anymore.
to get to the point, i want to remove the file type and bitrate information from the playback screen because its unnecessary clutter.
using the alternative skin isnt an option because it moves the shuffle and loop buttons into a sub menu, which i dont want.

assuming there is no other solution, would it be possible to modify the default skin myself using the tools for skin customization to only remove that bit of info and nothing else?

Re: Playback screen Customization

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Foobar2000 Mobile:Skin file format

Just edit the "Example skins" at the bottom and load and select it.
"Foobar2000MobileSkinDesigner" is not required.
for example
Disable it by putting "//" at the beginning.


//[font-info][codeclong] [bitrate]
White (without codeclong and bitrate).fbskin
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Re: Playback screen Customization

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Thanks, i applied the same changes to the black skin. Now its perfect.