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[Feature Request] Search by filename! Why is it missing!

I love Foobar2000 on Android. But my problem is that I can't search songs by filename! I have many audio files without any id3 tags etc, just filenames describing the song. It's so frustrating that I can't search for them. What in the world is the reason there's not an option to include the filenames in the search? Yeah I know I could convert filenames to tags, but I really would like to be able to search for the filenames too. Please include this feature in the future releases,

Also, if I re-open the app, and swipe right to access/play the song that was previously playing, I can't go from the play window to the folder the song is playing, like I could when I was playing the song thru folder-browsing and selecting a song.

Thanks for the great app! :)