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Android TV: playback controls

Hello everyone,

I'd be grateful if someone could chime in and help... When switching to "Show playback controls" view during playback, it seems it's not possible to select playback control buttons (previous track, pause/play, next track, ... anything) with remote control (direction buttons). I can only switch to dimmed screen or return to menu. In other parts of UI, navigation and selection with remote control work as expected.

Setup is Xiaomi TV Stick (Android TV 11) and foobar2000 mobile v1.5.1 (armeabi-v7a).


Re: Android TV: playback controls

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Advanced Settings, toggle the option show non-skinned playback controls.

I know this sucks, I tried to fix this and failed hard. It's on my urgent todo list for 1.6 release.

(funny that Google Play TV section rejects apps because of round icon compliance but not real glaring issues like this)
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Re: Android TV: playback controls

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Another thing,

Dim screen was developed under the assumption that a TV remote has working play/pause button.... which Xiaomi remote annoyingly doesn't have.

I recommend getting a button remapper app and changing some of Xiaomi's useless buttons into media playback controls like play/pause etc.
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Re: Android TV: playback controls

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Thank you, Peter!

Turning off "Skinned playback screen" in Advanced Settings does the trick. Functional non-skinned playback control is definitely better than none!

About button remapping... I remember experimenting with various button remapping utilities in the past, with partial success. I'll stick to your first advice.