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Bogus rejection from Google Play

Quoting last response from Google:
Status: Latest app update not accepted into Android TV on Google Play

We’ve reviewed your appeal request and found that your app, foobar2000 (com.foobar2000.foobar2000), still contains eligibility issues. We’ve included details below about the specific issue with your app and what you can do to meet the requirements for Android TV.

Step 1: Fix the eligibility issue with your app

During review, we detected the following eligibility issue and were unable to accept your app for Android TV:
No full-size app banner

Your app (version code 847) does not contain a full-size app banner and/or icon, or it is not visible in the launcher. We are targeting 1080p, which we consider xhdpi. Apps should include the banner in the xhdpi (320 dpi) drawables folder with a size of (320px × 180px) and the icon with a size of (512px x 512px). Please refer to our Provide a home screen banner article and UI Patterns documentation.

The title should help users identify apps in the launcher. Please refer to our Visual design and user interaction documentation for more information.

    For example, your icon does not fill the entire icon space. See attached screenshot.
Screenshot they attached:

Can anyone more competent at Android development explain to me what the heck this is about?

High-resolution TV banner is included. I don't know what their problem with the icon is. From the above, I'm not really sure if the problem is icon, banner, or something else.

Offending app bundle is same as these APKs.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Bogus rejection from Google Play

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Figured out

Icon clipping happens on devices with latest version of stock Google launcher only, as they totally randomly switched from showing banners to round icons. Had to boot a stock Google TV device and wait a few minutes to install updates to see it.
My main test device has no Google services at all so I don't see this.
Android TV emulator isn't doing showing it either, why would it. Seems to have old version of the launcher UI only.
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Re: Bogus rejection from Google Play

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NOW they noticed that d-pad navigation is missing in some places and entirely rejected current bug fix update (!.5.2).
I am disabling Google TV support in Google Play until this one is sorted out - it's planned for 1.6 series but I don't have time for this the next month at least.
You can still manually install/update from APK on TV devices.
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