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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_spectrum_analyzer
Last post by sveakul -
Case, I think you're being overly scientific  ;)  A "FYI" visual reference can have meaning in the fact that it gives perspective as to how applied user effects have "affected" a heretofore original signal.  No scientific analysis sought or expected.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Using the HDCD decoder component
Last post by Tony Hubcaps -
Thank you.
Scan does indicate Peak Extension present.
I don't get the option "Enable additional decoding" (pretty sure my install is more or less upto date),
but I did find some code to paste into the display preferences so now the status bar does indeed indicate
HDCD detected and that the file is playing as 24 bit.

Now to rip some discs and have a proper listen.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_spectrum_analyzer
Last post by Case -
DSP chain can do anything to the signal. You could for example see data from an hour ago. You could see empty visualization yet hear perfect audio. Or in reverse, see perfectly valid looking visualization yet hear nothing or only noise.
Visualization has no meaning if it doesn't match what is being played.
If you want to analyze a static file, use a different tool.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Input/Other decoders (special format) 64bit
Last post by Case -
So here is my question: who decide what files should be installed?  foobar2000 itself or something internal list inside foo_xxx.dll.
Component installation is handled by the foobar2000 itself. Files included at the root of the component archive are meant to be common files or 32-bit files. If there are 64-bit or ARM files in platform-specific subdirectories, those will overwrite the 32-bit files when approproate.

There is one extra point component authors should note. Current foobar2000 version removes 64-bit dlls that were meant to be common for all versions. I can't remember what issue triggered Peter to add this safety feature, but it can be a problem if component bundles 64-bit sandbox process that should use those dlls even on 32-bit foobar.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_truepeak True Peak Scanner
Last post by Case -
Looks like @Defender replied to your comment, which is good. That Context Menu control is not a Columns UI thing. It is a built-in feature allowing you to hide commands you don't want to see. Back in the ancient days there was a similar config option for main menu commands too.

I don't think automatically opening properties with this component offers benefits.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_spectrum_analyzer
Last post by Case -
That is not something a visualization component can affect. And visualization would have no meaning if it worked on data prior to DSPs, it could be entirely invalid in regard to what is actually heard.
If you want scientific measurements of audio files you do not use a realtime visualization eye candy for that.